There is no deeper love than that of a son for his mother. And Gary Oldman has proved that by telling his mum to ‘put the kettle on, because I’m bringing Oscar home’.

It’s a strange bond between mother and son, a bond that isn’t easily broken, and through good and bad times, a mother’s love for her son is unwavering and comes with no strings attached.

So it’s not really ironic at all, that a few days before Mothers Day (UK), that Gary Oldman dedicated his Oscar to her. If anything it’s beyond sweet. For the many women that have been in his life, who have helped shape and evolve him, everything always comes back to his mum, and every step of the way he always ensures that his mum is the centre of his world. Though he admits he has drank gallons of tea!

Mother’s day for a lot of people is quite a contentious time for a lot of women. Some through the loss of a son, some through never having children at all. Some though the cruelty that is nature not allowing them to conceive.

However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. You’ll find that women, especially those that don’t have children, have a tendency to take younger friends under their wings, and nurture them. It’s like parenting, but without the dirty nappy’s, terrible twos, puberty and various misdemeanours.

It doesn’t matter who it is this mother’s day. Women mould and shape our lives and drive us to be the best we can be. Women have a natural instinct to nurture, be that a friend, their own children or random strangers, they have an instinct to protect. So why not make a little more effort this Mother’s day, and actually appreciate the other women in your life who have moved mountains for you.

Mother’s day isn’t simply about mums, it’s about grandmothers, aunts, cousins, dads who are fulfilling both mum and dad roles. Everyone deserves a day that recognises their efforts, and their unconditional love.

However, I think this Mother’s Day will be extra special for Gary Oldman’s mum, because even he states that they would have never expected something like this to happen to them in a million years.

We may not all be winning Oscars, but every single mother out there deserves to feel like they have, because without their guidance, loyalty and unconditional love, none of us would be where we are today, even if it does mean they’ve had to give us some tough love along the way.

If we stop and think about it, there aren’t many people in the world who would be able to put up with our teenage strops, problems, triumphs, fails. It is only a few that can not only help with such issues, but also guide us through them with the hindsight of their own experiences. Something that we should never forget to be thankful for.

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