Yes, we all know that Jeremy Kyle can at times be an infuriating, holier than thou motor mouth, however, for the most part, he’s a decent guy, who offers some pretty sound advice and isn’t afraid to look at things from all angles.

Last night, we saw him take a look into the seedy underworld of Cannabis, one of the most underestimated drugs that has flooded the market over the last 30 years.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, cannabis was associated with hippies, music festivals and flower power. These days it’s seen as either being the butt of jokes (it’s always a young black man) for comedic effect, such as the Scary Movie franchise, or it’s seen being smoked by chavs who have no regards for any social rules.

Furthermore, we have seen a huge increase in severe mental health, HOWEVER, this is not due to bog standard ‘vanilla’ pot. This is due to Cannabis being farmed to be 5x stronger.

I’m no expert in the inner mechanics of Cannabis, but it was explained that there are 2 chemicals at work, and this is what gets you high, but as mentioned, unlike the traditional weed of yester-decades, the new stuff is super strong, and not even the dealers and growers understand how the drug is mutating into one of the worst drugs the streets have seen.

We met a few different people from all walks of life. A Lord, who’s son tragically died after Super Skunk literally pureed his brain. He was found barely alive by his own mother in the grounds. We met a man who’d set up his own private members club, where you could smoke, and we also met a dealer of oil, who in turn introduced us to a serving police officer who was buying the drug for her child with terminal cancer.

The officer in question had done all of her research, and studies do suggest that Cannabis Oil can help alleviate the pain of cancer and its treatment, and could also help in stopping it spreading or shrinking tumours.

So the question is, how do we utilize and grade Cannabis were it to become legal?

I like a drink, I drink to get drunk, and as such, I buy mid strength booze. I’d never dream of necking a bottle of vodka, or drinking Carlsberg Super, I don’t want to get THAT drunk. But by law booze has to display its ABV, and if Weed was available to buy, you should be able to buy your preferred type, strength and even what form it comes in. It’s a simple concept but think of it like being in the pub and you’re buying top shelf spirits. Do you want Vodka, Bacardi, Whiskey? You pays your money you makes your choice.

There are coffee shops in the Netherlands that are for smokers, and they don’t seem to be having any of the repercussions that the UK is? Maybe we should take a look at their method.


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