It seems that Jamie Oliver doesn’t have a brake pedal when it comes to his rants. Claiming that obese, poor people eat ‘crap’ because they think in a ‘different gear’.

Seriously James, can you not learn to keep that cantankerous mouth of yours shut and save us all from being subjected to the verbal diarrhoea that incessantly spills out of it. Yes, we get it, you’re rich, you can shop at Waitrose, Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, but you’re not the average person with a mortgage, 2 kids and a 9 – 5 job are you? You’re in that very fortunate position, where you don’t have to tally up and round prices up in your head so your card isn’t declined at the checkout.

There is a very simple reason why poorer people tend to be larger than the wealthy, and that is because on the scale, the cheaper the product, the lower the quality. But unfortunately, like #chickengate , the vast majority of people can only afford the basics. We can’t all afford to buy higher welfare, organic, free range, been on the log flume at Alton Towers produce, and as such have to make compromises.

For a man that’s in his 40s, your acting more like a snowflake than a class of vegan uni students studying the philosophy of whether or not a cucumber can feel pain, and if it’s ethical to eat it.

Does that sound ridiculous enough for you? Because that is on a par with your latest outburst.

We all have to eat, and unfortunately, that means we have to eat as well as we can within the means we have, more importantly, we have to ensure that our children are fed well, and if that means buying cheaper cuts of meat or fish, so be it. In my eyes, veg is veg, but when it comes to meat and fish, I understand the nutritional values go down the scale of Price vs Nutrition.

But why don’t you set yourself a challenge? See if you can feed yourself for a whole month on the average disposable income, which is £326 a month. That isn’t a great deal is it? And I’m being generous there, because that factors in a typical 4 person family, so you have a little more to play with.

But let’s see you not pull the strings at your parents pub to bulk buy quality stuff. Drag your ass round Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and ASDA, and see just what you’ll get for £326, and see if you don’t put fat on (not weight, but fat).

Actually, why not go whole hog, don’t drive, take public transport ,there goes at least another £70 a month. It soon adds up mate, and that £326 is getting less and less by the time you’ve sorted your essentials out.

It’s not the poor’s fault that they can’t get healthy, quality food, and people like you are making them feel more guilty.


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