Exploring the UK

Exploring the UK

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If you’re ever visiting the UK, please remember there is actually something north of the Watford Gap!

If you’re ever planning a trip to the UK, please don’t be sucked into thinking that the entire country(ies) revolve around London. In fact, we could all still get on with our lives quite well if London didn’t exist.

The UK is a rich, diverse (very artistic) place, with some of the biggest names in music coming from all 4 countries. Oasis from Manchester, The Beatles from Liverpool, Tom Jones from Wales, Westlife from Ireland. We have a fabulous scene and mix of musicians, artists, actors and even industrious tycoons.

So here are a few things to do in the UK, without spending all your time (and money) in London.

Blackpool – Blackpool, though currently fallen on hard times and undergoing a long overdue regeneration, does still have quite a lot to offer. There are amusement arcades and stalls all along the sea front, the biggest arcade being Coral Island. There are bars, restaurants and you can also access the iconic Blackpool Tower from here. At the far south side of the town, is the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, home to The Big One.

Liverpool – Liverpool, and Scoucers in general get a bad rap, but they’re actually a really nice bunch, and the city is welcoming. Home to The Beatles, Cilla Black and even one of the Spice Girls, Liverpool offers art galleries, theatres, a bustling bar scene and shopping. Don’t worry about the accent, you soon get used to it!

Manchester – Literally the next major city, there are plenty of things to do here. There’s the Museum of Science and Industry, the Lowry, Old Trafford, the Manchester Arena, Shopping, the world famous Gay Village, all in easy access by rail, bus or tram.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the centre, there are several back street cafes and bars in the Northern Quarter, or you could jump on a train from Victoria and take the 30 minute journey to Greenfield, where you’ll find yourself on the outskirts of the peak district with a plethora of walks and Chocolate Box type villages.

Stoke/Alton – This does take a little extra planning, but you could get the train to Stoke on Trent and then a taxi to the famous Alton Towers amusement park, where a brand-new ride has just been unveiled. Steeped in history, the village of Alton is picturesque and there are several reasonably priced hotels so you can do the theme park one day and the water park the next.

London – If you do want to spend some time in London, there are countless things to do, the London Eye, the Dungeons, and so on, however, that doesn’t mean the UK only offers London.

Edinburgh – Get a little Scottish Culture in you, Edinburgh is one of the friendliest cities you can visit, and you can see the castle, the countless museums, and even try some Haggis! Definitely a place to go if you want variety!