The Woman of Wall Street Could Soon Shake Things Up

The Woman of Wall Street Could Soon Shake Things Up

Women on Wall Street

Single mother of 3 Marianne Lake, who is currently CFO of JPMorgan Chase, is currently on the short list to take over as CEO. A young, attractive woman, she is proving to the financial world you really can have your cake and eat it.

Known for her determination and self deprecating sense of humour, she’s not a push over, nor is she a megalomaniac. In fact, she sounds like the kind of person I’d be friends with. She admits to liking a drink, once saying she’d ‘sit down and drink through the speeches’. She has the acerbic British humour that we are so famous for.

She’s also carefully diplomatic, and chooses her words carefully, something that a lot of the men at the top seem to struggle with (yes, Donald, we’re looking at you).

She takes no prisoners, and when needed can make the crunch decisions, whether she wants to or not, however, this is what makes a good leader. Being able to make the choices that no one wants to in a fair, and level way. There are a few candidates in the pipeline for the job, however, I’m hoping that she does get the top job, because it will show young girls the world over that you can succeed without doing a sex tape or a topless photo shoot.

It’s also time that the stuffy world of finance got rid of the clichéd suits look that constantly is conjured up when you think of finance. You can be a party animal AND have a responsible job, and do it well. Something that a lot of people seem to think go hand in hand.

I know it all too well, because my dad worked in the IT sector of the banking industry, and my parents tell me stories of how they met and when they were dating that make even my teenage exploits sound like an episode of My Little Pony. Or the recent Christmas night out my dad did with a few colleagues, where he was literally poured out of a taxi at my parents house with no money and the meter was over £100! And my mother wonders where I get it from!

You see, in life there always has to be a balance, work, family, life. If the balance is off, one of them will suffer no matter what. However in today’s age of technology, it is possible to be with the kids helping with homework, getting on with some work on the laptop, AND having a glass of wine, all at the same time. It’s something that the younger generation don’t seem to grasp, there are only 24 hours in a day, but as humans, we can multitask, and can actually cram 3 or 4 times the amount of work in simultaneously, it’s all about time management.

While waiting for one thing, (I’m downloading a huge file), I’m writing this because I know I’ll have to wait for a little while. Multitasking is pretty easy.