Poor Wayne Took a Gamble and Lost

Poor Wayne Took a Gamble and Lost


Wayne Rooney is in the papers, AGAIN for all the wrong reasons. This time being accused of tax avoidance to the sum of a cool £5million! He was apparently using an elaborate ‘investment’ scheme. The investment would ultimately allow him to claw money back from money lost on investments in films. And already dubious plan, especially in the light of recent events in the industry on both sides of the pond.

Now, we know Wayne isn’t exactly the brightest bulb, the sharpest knife or in the running to win gold at the Intelligence Olympics, but surely he must have known that what he was doing was illegal. I have nowhere near that kinds of wealth, and I know that creative accounting is a least frowned upon (sometimes it’s unavoidable, but for the sake of £300, it’s not worth pursuing), to a criminal offence (huge evasion of tax).

They’ve all been at it, Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Footballers, Fashion Designers, and Business Tycoons. The way these ‘investments’ work, I’m not overly clear on, but one thing I do know, is that the money is ‘invested’ to lose, and then the losses can be claimed back, thus reducing the amount of tax paid. I think its called tax deductable.

This however, just shows how greedy some people are. He’s worth £85million, yet still wants to ensure that he never has to pay a penny for the upkeep of the country he calls home. With wealth like that, £5million is like me paying £500.

It’s time that the government made good on their promise to catch up with tax avoiders, for they are one of the key reasons why the country has to cut so much. If people don’t pay their dues, they shouldn’t be able to use the service.

The tax system is broken up into several sections, and then further subsections. For example, if you work, you pay Tax and NI, however, if you don’t drive, you don’t have to pay Road Tax because you technically don’t use the roads. Your bus fare, which goes to the bus company covers their Road Tax. You pay council tax, however, if you truly live off grid, most of that is nullified and you only pay for Fire, NHS and Policing.

As Rooney uses all the services the government have to offer, including schooling, his trying to avoid paying is an even bigger kick in the teeth for those of us who see tax increases year in, year out because the shortfall is getting bigger due to more and more people trying to worm their way out of actually paying for the services.

This is also a terrible example to set for young people, because a lot of youngsters look up to celebrities, and will try to imitate and emulate the lifestyle that they lead, meaning that more and more kids as they join the world of work will try to avoid paying tax.