Tomorrow we will discover whether Manchester City or Arsenal will be crowned the winner of the EFL Cup, and this has certainly been a very entertaining tournament for fans of soccer, and there is still a lot of debate on just which team will win of course.

In fact, it is very true to say that many soccer fans, no matter whether their allegiances lay with either of those two teams will be having a bet on just which team they think will win, and there are no shortages of bookmarks and betting sites prepared to lay those bets of course!

Unless you are prepared to place some hefty sized bets on Manchester City winning, I doubt you are going to be rolling in cash if you do decide to bet on them and they then go on to in that match, for currently Manchester City are on offer at odds of 4/7 to win.

The draw odds may attract a few punters to have a bet on that being the outcome of the match and the draw odds for reference are 10/30, if you are convinced that Arsenal are going to come out on top and win the EFL Cup then make sure you take advantage of the current odds of 4/1 on them doing so!

If those odds are not that tempting then consider placing any of the huge and ever growing range of additional bets that are on offer to you, one that may interest you are the many different bets that make up the over and under betting markets.

How those betting markets work is fairly straight forward for a betting site of bookmaker will select a number of goals and you then simply have to guess if the match will end with more or less than the number of goals chosen by the betting site.

With only two possible outcomes they are fairly straight forward bets to place and with there being quite a number of them on offer if you are looking for a unique type of bet but one that could award some rather large winning payouts, even for a modest stake they are certainly bets to consider placing on the EFL Cup!

However, I do know and fully understand that many of you out there are unable to look further than Manchester City winning this match, and if you are convinced beyond any doubt their name will be on the trophy then consider placing a correct score type of bet on them.

The odds are going to vary depending on just what you think the final score will be, but there is no getting away from the fact that those types of correct score bets do tend to give the best betting value

For example you can bet on the final score seeing Manchester City winning by 1-0 and if so the payout odds are 9/1, for Manchester City to win 2-0 you will get odds of 9/1, but it would appear by the odds the most likely outcome is Manchester City winning 2-1 as the odds on that correct score bet are 15/2! But you can of course bet on any team scoring any number f goals.

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