It’s common knowledge that high protein diets are a very good way to lose weight, and keep it off. They’re quite easy to follow, and also allow you to make a variety of tasty, nutritious meals for all the family.

The perfect balance of any diet is Protein, Dairy, Carbohydrate, Fibre and a little bit of fat. Anything else that’s good for you that you chuck into the dish, like garlic, is a bonus.

Protein is generally low fat and lean, and helps our muscles repair and grow. It’s also good for keeping us fuller for longer, as oppose to say opting for a frozen burger which contains the nutritional value of toilet paper.

Eggs are a good source of protein and good fats, as well as being quick and easy to cook, be that boiled eggs with soldiers, poached eggs on wholemeal toast, or even a homemade scotch egg for a snack. If you want a more fulfilling lunch, try having a cheese, mushroom and fatless bacon omelette with a salad and a few tortilla chips.

There are so many different things you can do with Chicken, I couldn’t list them all down, though it is ideal to use breast meat, as this is the lowest in fat and highest in protein, though thighs and legs are also good.

As we’re getting into the warmer weather, why not try Sticky Chinese 5 Spice Chicken portions on the BBQ? Simply add a sachet of 5 spice into a mixing bowl, add one – two tbsp of Vegetable oil, mix well, and brush over the portions and leave to marinate overnight, don’t forget to keep basting them though!

Pork is another good meat that is under rated. Mainly because it can be dull, however, grilled pork chops marinated in Lea and Perrins Worsteshire is really tasty and tangy. Serve it with hasselback new potatoes and some green veggies for a fulfilling meal that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

If you’re more a fish person, experiment with different flavours and textures. Salmon goes really well with Prawns, Dill, Butter, White Wine, Halved Cherry Tomatoes and White Onion. Simply chop all the veggies up, place the salmon on a large piece of tinfoil, add a tsp of butter, a small dash of wine and top with the veggies. Roll the foil into a lose parcel, and cook for 20 minutes. Serve it with any kind of salad, or vegetables you like.

These are just some simple ideas that you can try. Dieting doesn’t have to be dull, so get experimenting, you may even find you can make sweet treats that aren’t laden with sugar and salt. It’s all a matter of balance, so don’t fret over the odd sweet treat or packet of crisps, you need to have the odd treat, otherwise you resent your diet and you crave what you want even more, which is counterproductive, especially when you know what you have to do, but want to have it each way.

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