I’ve decided to foster a dog, and tugging at my heartstrings is a beautiful boy called Seb, (I think Rupert because he looks like a teddy bear), is potentially living with me, and my partner who hates dogs. Hates them to the point that even my slightly insane grandmother is preferable company. Despite the fact he’s convinced she wants to gouge his eyes out with a spoon!

Seb is one of many dogs who are abandoned, left alone and afraid, confused and befuddled. Forlorn and heartbroken that his master has broken the chains and bonds. He has nothing he can do.

The very image to the left is the most heartbreaking I have seen in a long time. Not only because it comes from a pretty wealthy area, where beautiful dogs like this are prized, but because when he was found, he had no Chip, so essentially he never existed.

Older, no longer able to keep up, I believe he was a working dog who has cruelly been dumped because he no long has a monetary value.

He won’t understand that. Dogs don’t ‘retire’ with a pension. They work their asses off and expect nothing more than a decent meal. In return they offer you loyalty that knows no bounds. Compassion, when you feel that all is lost. Friendship when all you feel is loathing.

Pets aren’t for everyone, but for those blessed enough, they are a saviour with a very furry coat. A lifeline.

My fella hates all animals (unless rare with a side of fries), but even he seems to be warming to the idea of Seb. Yes, I’ll have to take on all responsibility, and walk a lot more. My ass will not be complaining about that. I’ll have to budget in dog food, vet bills, insurance and other doggy essentials.

But what I’ll end up with ultimately, is a companion, a handsome, well behaved gentle boy who has known hardship, but is still not aggressive. An amigo. He’ll be a rags to riches story. Taken from the wilds of where I live, to being treated to la crème de la crème.

Sorry darling, but this is something that I must do, if not for Seb, but for me. You know with all of my heart, I do love you, but I have to do what is right, which is not usually the easy option. Taking on Seb is going to be difficult to begin with, but not impossible. He may be old, but you can still teach an old dog new tricks.

Plus, you’ll rarely see him as I’ll be walking with him, unfortunately in all weathers.

We can make a home for Seb, even if only a temporary one. Give him some time, stability and compassion, and you’ll be amazed at just how much you stand to gain. A knowledge that you’ve taken a defenceless being in, made him feel wanted and helped him on his road to recovery. Plus, you’ll get me out of your hair for a few hours at least every day!

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