Last Chance Saloon for Valentine’s Day!

Last Chance Saloon for Valentine’s Day!


Gents, yes, you, as it’s usually us that leave everything to the last minute. Get your thinking caps on, don’t be that partner that turns up with a doleful looking bunch of flowers and a quickly scribbled out card from the local petrol station.

Put a little effort into it. Think about your partners likes and dislikes. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show them that you care, sometimes the smallest things and simplest gestures make a huge difference.

Do something out of the ordinary, avoiding the usual clichés. There are a plethora of things you can do to make it special. Most cities are vibrant places, and always have SOMETHING going on. A romantic stroll taking in the sites of one of your local cities is always a good way to enjoy each others company.

You could spice things up in the bedroom. We’re not talking going full on Karma Sutra meets 50 Shades of Grey, but get a little adventurous. There is more to sex than the missionary position and making babies!

You could go whole hog and provide a butler service. Freshly drawn candle lit bath with essential oils and relaxing music. The bed turned down, rose petals on the bed, mood lighting. The possibilities are endless.

Is there a particular holiday or place that your significant other loves? You could do a 3 course dinner based on the country, be that Italy, Spain, France, America or Africa. Theme the dining room, add some nibbles for while you’re cooking, and away you go! Romantic 3 course dinner for 2 without breaking the bank!

If you have kids, it can be a little difficult to get time to yourself, so why not feed the kids early, let them watch a DVD in their bedrooms with a few snacks and enjoy a movie and a bottle of wine with your beloved (even if that means being subjected to dirty dancing, just grin and bear it).

The whole point of Valentine’s is for couples to show their appreciation for each other, and that means occasionally you have to sacrifice something, but if you’re planning on getting any nookie, you have to at least play ball and make the effort!

If you’re both not really into the whole romantic night in (or out) why not do a bit of a double, triple or quadruple date with some friends? Go to a restaurant, have dinner and then move onto a bar for a sneaky night cap and a grownup talk?

Or take a look at local musicians playing gigs, there are bound to be loads of virtuoso’s playing on one of the most lucrative nights of the year. You may be able to do a wine tasting evening, or a sample menu.

Honestly, think long and hard, you still have a couple of days yet to get things organized, just remember not to get absolutely sozzled because that’s a sure fire way to get kicked out of bed!