Jon Venables is Back Behind Bars

Jon Venables is Back Behind Bars


For 25 years, Venables has been afforded the luxury of lifelong anonymity, complete with at least one new identity costing the tax payer millions. All for it to be thrown back in our faces. I don’t like to say this, and I don’t say it lightly, because I believe in the ethos that if we all took an eye for an eye the world would be blind. But if there was ever a time that public flogging, hanging, drawing and quartering was acceptable, now would be the time.

25 years ago, Venables was a 10 year old boy. He and his friend, Robert Thompson, abducted 2 year old James Bulger, and then subjected him to some of the most sickening and sadistic torture one could possibly imagine.

A lot of the details were kept from the public, however, we do know that the final moment of James’ life would have been terrifying. The murder was calculated, meticulously planned and executed, even for a methodical serial killer, this crime is in a league of its own. To lay the boys corpse on rail lines in the knowledge a train will sever it in 2 to make it look like an accident is beyond evil.

Now, he’s on yet another jail term for possessing pornographic images of children, including photos of children as young as 2 being raped. A paedophiles manual, which has a title so disturbing I can’t bring myself to write it down.

In the courtroom, Venables didn’t attend in person, instead, he appeared via video link, with the TV screen covered in thick paper so as to not identify him. He pleaded guilty to his crime. Small mercy perhaps, but why should this creature, certainly not a man in any sense of the word, be allowed anonymity after the crime he committed all those years ago?

Thompson and Venables were children, and yes, they lost the best years of their lives for such a heinous crime. Thompson has gone on to forge a life for himself, settling down with his partner (who knows everything), and has never been in trouble since. Venables on the other hand has more cautions and convictions than I care to mention.

Literally he’s rotten to the core. A disgusting, barbaric waste of flesh and blood.

We all do horrible things as children, though this takes it to a different level, however, I do believe that Thompson was led along, and that Venables was the ringleader. An emotionally disturbed child who suffered abuse and neglect. This doesn’t excuse him whatsoever. It simply gives us an explanation as to why he is how he is.

But why should we, the tax payer have to put up with this kind of burden when obviously the man is a danger to everyone and anyone? Why should we have to bankroll him? There is a rumour that his identity is circulating on illegal mobile phones in prison. Let’s hope some vigilante justice is done.