Just What We Need – A Bigger Big Mac!

Just What We Need – A Bigger Big Mac!


To celebrate the 50th year of the Big Mac, McDonald’s have rolled out 2 new Big Macs, the Junior, and the Supersized. The Junior Big Mac is essentially the same as a standard Big Mac, however, a little easier to get your mouth around because it is missing the middle layer of bread. It’s also going to be a little easier on those of us with smaller appetites.

The Mega Mac is identical to a Big Mac, but is slightly larger, which is going to be a bit of a belly buster for most of us.

Fortunately the larger burger is only going to be with us for 6 weeks, however, given the obesity crisis in the UK and US, is it not a bit frivolous of McDonalds, who let’s be honest, would deep fry lettuce if they could, to roll out an even bigger burger.

The Junior Mac, I do agree with, it is bound to be more fulfilling than a happy meal, while not promoting over eating. But making the Big Mac BIGGER is just irresponsible. The Grand Big Mac weighs in at 741 Calories, while the Standard Big Mac a svelte 508 in comparison, and the Mini Mac, a pretty reasonable 400 Calories.

After looking through the menu of McDonalds, I can honestly tell you, that although great as a treat every now and again, living off this stuff morning noon and night is going to put unnecessary strain on your body as your body is going to be processing everything that is in the meal. Add fries and (honestly, who drinks water at McDonald’s?) a large Coke to the mix, and you’re essentially asking for your insides to be fizzing.

By all means, keep the Junior Mac going, it would actually provide a little (though marginally) more nutrition than a cheese burger on the kids meal, but would also appeal to the 8 – 12 year olds who aren’t quite ready for an adult meal, but are still too big for a kids meal.

It would also be good for McDonalds to restructure their menu a little. I’m not talking a full on overhaul, but break down the adult menu a little. A teenager menu where you get less than a standard adult meal, but more than a kids meal.

This I believe would be beneficial to everyone, because a lot of people will order a standard sized meal, when all they really wanted was a quick snack. Basically, making it easier (and financially viable) to not buy the full meal is the only way to combat the growing waistlines.

If Greggs can do a meal deal of Sandwich, Packet of baked Crisps and a drink for £3.50, why does McDonalds sell a single burger for £5, and the meal and drink are £5.50? That essentially makes it all the more tempting to buy (and eat) more than we really need and also throw a load of extra calories in with a high sugar content drink too!