Gamblers Need to Take Responsibility for Their Actions

Gamblers Need to Take Responsibility for Their Actions


I’m a smoker, I’m addicted to nicotine. I know it’s bad for me, and I know it’s seriously taken its toll on my overall health and on my once very good singing voice. It’s hit my bank account and is not the most pleasant of things on a night out in the middle of December where I have to stand outside like a leper.

Who’s fault is that? My good old self. Not the tobacco companies, not the government, not my friends. The blame lies solely on my shoulders. I knew the risks it entailed, I can’t now after 15 years of smoking suddenly decide I want to sue the tobacco companies.

The same goes with gambling. You can’t play the (in this case slot) machines, lose and then take the developers ( Aristocrat in this particular instance) to court complaining that their machines are deceptive.

When creating any software that will most likely be rolled out worldwide, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, predominantly the legal side. Individual countries RTP’s may well vary, and then there are the other requirements, such as the maximum number of spins that can be played per minute, the wagers, and the jackpot.

Gambling is a highly lucrative industry to be in, but that also means it is stringently regulated, and as such, any game that is due to be rolled out is tested rigorously before it even leaves the developers, and anywhere it falls short can rectified before hitting the manufacturing stage, and ultimately leaving the factory floor in a nice shiny new cabinet.

The specifics in this case, are that the slot in question, Dolphin Treasure has a larger fifth reel than the other four having 44 symbols instead of 30, meaning that it is harder to hit a large win. But this is the nature of the beast, and looking at any pay table will tell you the projected RTP of that particular game.

All electronic games run on a Random Number Generator, and the outcome of the spin is determined before you even hit the start button. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the more advanced RNG’s have a sequence of random numbers all ready lined up to make the process less taxing on the RAM that drives the machine.

The judge in who was ruling deemed that Crown Casino and Aristocrat hadn’t misled punters, however, did take into account the damage that gambling had done to the individuals life, and that more research has to be done on the link between gambling and addiction.

This isn’t to say that the person who brought the case to court didn’t genuinely feel miffed, but that no laws had been broken and that the games weren’t misleading or manipulating in any way as defined by Australian Law. The only way for this issue to be rectified is for the Gambling Commission to get involved, but the commission will simply say none of the rules have been broken, and as such, it simply wasn’t his lucky day.