Well, it is that time of the year again when most if not all betting sites are offering odds on the Six Nations Tournament, and if you are an avid viewer of that tournament and fancy placing a bet on who you think will win then now is the best time to place your bets and wagers.

As is the case each year, one team will be pencilled in as the favourite team to win the Six Nations and this year it is the turn of England to be the favourite team to win, and the generally available odds on them doing so are even money, however I have seen a couple of betting sites going as high as 5 to 4 on England winning.

It is Ireland who also have a chance of winning the Six Nations tournament, and if you do fancy their chances then the sooner you place your bets the better, for currently the odds associated with them winning are 11 to 8, and those odds will start to decrease if they do start winning their scheduled matches one after another!

If the betting odds are anything to go by the rest of the teams that make up the Six Nations do appear to have very little chance of winning, however there is always going to be the chance an outsider may just win, and with that in mind let me now give you insight into their respective odds.

Scotland have odds associated with then of winning of 9/1, and if you think they may finish first or even second in the Six Nations Tournament then do consider placing an each way bet on them for that is probably one of the best bets you can place just in case they get placed second place finishers as opposed to finishing in first place.

Wales on the other hand haveĀ  slim chance of winning the Six Nations tournament, however I am more than confident many people living in Wales will fancy their chance of doing so and by placing a bet right now they will be rewarded with odds as high as 16/1!

If you think that France could be in with a chance of winning the Six Nations then make sure you shop around for the best odds, for being one of the outsiders you will often find many different betting sites are offering some rather large odds on France being crowned the winners, and currently the very best odds I have found on offer are 20/1!

The final team that you can bet on is of course Italy, however there is not much support for them in the betting markets, and as such their odds do represent their chance of winning! In fact, I have seen quite a number of different betting sites offering odds as high as 500/1, so if Italy is a team you follow and you fancy betting on them to in the Six Nations then grab those odds with both hands!

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