Video Poker Still a Low House Edge Casino Game

Video Poker Still a Low House Edge Casino Game


There are loads of different types of casino games you can play online, on a mobile device or even by visiting a land based casino, but as you become a much more experienced player you will very quickly realise that some games offer much better pay backs and give you a much fairer chance of winning too.

It is often slot machines that casino players will make a beeline to play, for with bonus games bonus features and often some mega sized jackpots up of grabs, slot machines can be very appealing and entertaining games to play.

However, each slot machine whilst being random will of course be designed to make a profit for their operators and that comes in the shape of something known as a payout percentage. Each slot machine will be designed to play off to a certain payout percentage over the long term which could be around the 94% range.

That therefore means if you do decide to play such a machine, then over the long term, not the short term, you are expected to lose 6.00 for every 100.00 you wager on those machines, in whichever currency you are playing them for.

As such any savvy casino game player will be looking for the games that offer the very highest payout percentages, for they stand a much better chance of winning on those games or will not lose as much over the long term as they could when playing slot machines!

Video poker machines are some of the highest paying games you will find in any casino, for they often have payout percentages over 99%, however you do need to know how to play them perfectly to get a better chance of winning.

Video poker games require players to first decide how many coins they wish to play for, typically between one and five coins, and players often get the ability of changing the actual coin value settings too on most video poker machines.

Next they simply have to click onto the deal button and are then dealt out five playing cards from a single full deck of cards. They then have to decide which cards if any of those five cards to hold in the hope they will end up forming one of the pay table listed winning hand combinations.

When or if they decide to hold any cards they then click onto the deal button one final time and any card they have chosen not to hold are moved from the screen to be replaced with new ones drawn out of the deck of cards.

The best way to play most video poker games is by playing for the maximum number of coins as often the jackpot payout is enhanced and boosted in value, and also play one that offers and auto hold feature

The auto hold feature will hold the best cards from the initial deal for you and as such players never make any playing errors with that auto hold feature activated as the machine automatically hold the best ones for them based on the perfect strategy for that game!