Greggs is Expanding into Drive-Thru’s and an Evening Menu!

Greggs is Expanding into Drive-Thru’s and an Evening Menu!


Everyone’s favourite budget baker has got big plans and, after revealing its vary ambitious plans, it could end up rivalling the likes of McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Express when it comes to getting a tasty dinner, but without breaking the bank.

For years, Greggs has offered Breakfast and Lunch, but usually closes between 5pm and 6pm, meaning that those that finish work later won’t be able to grab a sausage roll or a Steak Bake as a quick snack for on the way home.

It may sound funny, having a drive-thru bakery, but if you think about it, it’s not any different to the other fast food restaurants offering the service.

So what is it about Greggs that has seen it become the biggest bakery chain in the country? Firstly, it has never forgotten its humble routes, and although prices have increased over the years due to inflation, it is still by far one of the cheapest bakeries in the country, only really rivalled by The Pound Bakery.

It is also most likely due to the fact that they are forever adding to their menu, and also have seasonal promotions year round. Also, with the UK’s rising obesity crisis, they began to offer even more healthier options, including Balanced Pasties, which use a sour dough as oppose to traditional puff pastry.

Then 2010, they rolled out a bargain breakfast menu of any breakfast roll and hot drink for just £2.25, which is around £4.50.

Rolling out a new method of trading is going to see Greggs soar in popularity if this trial is a success, and we hope it is because it means less walking!

It is rumoured that although Bakery Prices are constantly increasing, and the fat tax has caused major issues for the business, they have managed to tread the fine line of reducing fat content, while also overcoming certain issues regarding the hot food tax while minimising the hit to customer’s pockets.

Mostly popular Up North (us northerners do like a good pastry!) The lunch deals are also far superior to the supermarkets  offerings and are a lot more interesting to taste than your typical, soggy Tuna and Sweetcorn or Egg Mayo with Cress.

If you’re ever in the UK and see one of their shops, we highly recommend you try one of their steak bakes, or something a little more healthy, a Tuna Crunch Baguette which is surprisingly low in fat for the size of it!