Worries about Fairness of Online Casino Games

Worries about Fairness of Online Casino Games


Anyone who gambles online at an online casino is going to experience losing streaks and winning streaks, however if someone is losing regularly they are bound to get the impression that there is something not quite right with the design of the games they are playing.

It is worth me pointing out that as someone who does enjoy playing casino games of any type online you need to ensure that site you choose to play at are offering you a 100% fair and random set of game, for there is nothing stopping an operator of such a site offering rigged or fixed games!

In fact over the years there have been numerous online casinos that have been exposed for offering games that are not random, fair and true, and I am quite certain that looking forward there will be many other sites that also get exposed as having gaffed games on offer to their customers.

One thing however that all of the sites that have been exposed as offering less than fair games all had in common is that there were not licensed or regulated, and offered games that were unique to them and proprietary games, or were in fact games that were counterfeited and fake copies of some of the industry leading designers games.

Therefore it is actually quite simple for a gambler to ensure that they are only ever playing casino games that are fair and random, and that is by playing at a casino site that holds a full gambling license and also offers games that are genuine ones from any of the leading online casino game designers.

It is very easy to check the validity of any casino site in regards to their gambling license for usually at the foot of their main index page you will find a direct link to the gambling commission that issued them with their license to operate and will also find detail of their gambling license numbers too.

The gambling commission and gaming authorities that do issue licenses to online casino sites also require those casinos to prove their games and the random number generators are completely fair and are indeed random.

That is done by the actual game designers who hand over each game to a third party game testing company who then set about testing each game for long periods of time to ensure the outcomes are truly random and the game plays and pays in the exact way it has been designed.

If you are the type of casino player however who throws caution to the wind and simply signed up to any casino site that is giving away huge bonuses and sites that are not licensed then there is the very real risk you may end up playing casino games that are not giving you a random outcome.

That does of course mean you are never going to win when playing those games even with the use of the huge bonuses many such casino sites give away to their players!