Some Online Casino Operators Haven’t Got a Clue!

Some Online Casino Operators Haven’t Got a Clue!


I do enjoy looking at some of the online casino complaint forums, if nothing else you do get to find out just which online casinos are not treating players correctly when you do so.

Plus, such forums and message exchanges are helpful for finding out if any casinos are experiencing money problems, for those that are will usually start paying out winning players slower than normal, or in some cases not pay them at all!

What I have found out however, is that many casino operators simply do not have a clue how casino games work, play and pay and they they haven’t a clue as to how players enjoy playing, and that occasionally players can win and often win big too!

I have read numerous complaints recently in which a casino has voided out winnings due to the casino management deciding the game play of those winning players was not to their liking, meaning those players won and they hate paying out winners!

One player I read about complained that his five figure winnings were voided by a casino, and just his deposit was returned, simply due to him using a martingale system.

Such a system simply entails the player doubling their bets after a loss in the hope that he or she wins their previous losses back when a winning number spins in for example when playing roulette and helps make them a small profit too.

Roulette is a game that has a built in house edge of course, which can vary depending on just which variant you are playing, however there is nothing wrong with using such a system, for any casino operator knows there is always the chance a player will hit the maximum stake limit when using such a system which means the player cannot continue to raise their bets.

That player didn’t use any bonuses, and was simply playing with their own money, however the spokesperson for the casino who replied to their online complaint stated that one of their terms and conditions allowed them to void the winnings of players using any type of system the casino deemed to be “abusive”!

That term does of course allow a casino to void the winnings of any player they want to, and as such it is advisable for all players to make sure the casino sites they do play at actually have owners or are operated by companies that know about gambling.

I would therefore urge anyone who does want to gamble online at an online casino site to pick out one that is owned by a company that operates land based casinos too, for that way they will have the experience and the knowledge of the industry required to ensure their terms and conditions are written in such a way that they are player friendly!

Failing to following that advice could see you playing at a casino site that is going to pull all manner of different ticks to stop them having to pay you out any winning you are lucky enough to achieve!