Wired After a Visit to the Casino? Here’s Why!

Wired After a Visit to the Casino? Here’s Why!


Its common knowledge in the gambling industry, they use every trick in the book to get money out of you. Literally, everything. As gambling is predominantly a male pass time, the waitresses always have a little bit of leg and cleavage on show, and the few male floor staff dotted around here and there are always attractive.

Then you have the complimentary drinks that come every 20 minutes or so, alcohol may loosen the tongue, but it also loosens the purse strings.

Then there is the temperature, during the hot times, the aircon is cranked up, during the cold times, the heating is. The music is also carefully selected to fit the ideal clientele the casino wants to attract. For example, if you’re looking to attract the young clubbers, you’re not going to be playing Alice Cooper at full blast.

Casinos also adopt various tactics to keep you wanting to stay, such as purifying the air so food smells are extracted, pumping the air con with scents to make the place smell as welcoming as possible, and also pumping pure oxygen in to the place, which makes you feel more alert even if you’ve only had a few hours of sleep.

There are then the various promotions, which are basically there as a goal for you to achieve, be that free cash, a pair of headphones, or free slot play. These clever little tactics are designed to make you feel like you’re working toward something, a bit like we go into work every day, not for the good of our health, but because at the end of the month, there’s going to be a big fat pay cheque waiting for you.

Also, it’s common for casino’s to up the volume on their games, and when in attract mode, they’ll literally draw you in like a moth to a light bulb.

Now, I’ve probably described the techniques casinos use in such a way they sound nefarious, but in actual fact, they’re not as bad as they sound. They are simple there to get you to spend money, which at the end of the day, all businesses do.

Now, casino’s will point blank deny they do these things, but it’s the world’s worst kept secret that they do these things. More to the point however, if you’re a good player (and have some sort of self control) the casino may also extend credit to you, though this is seriously dodgy, and not advisable as when you’re not playing with your own money, people do think they don’t have to pay it back.

Be very vigilant when it comes to credit being offered with casinos, because people can be very persuasive, and before you know it, you could end up owing a lot more than you initially wanted to.

Because different venues are trying to attract different types of people, you’ll more than likely have to go to a few, but I assure you, you’ll find the one for you.