Betting Sites Limiting Winning Customers Stakes

Betting Sites Limiting Winning Customers Stakes


Part and parcel of being a sports bettor is that you do of course have to take the rough with the smooth. Not ever bet placed is going to be a winning one and many gamblers can and do experience some rather prolonged losing streaks.

However, whilst a losing streak is what most betting site operators deep down want as many of their customers to experience as possible, things can and do often take a nasty turn if a customer keeps on playing winning bets at some sites!

If a customer of any type of sports betting site does win then they of course expect to be paid out their winnings and quickly too and that is what many sports betting sites will do to keep their customers happy and gambling more.

But by continually placing winning bets a player may suddenly find the stakes they can usually place on any sporting event gets lowered, and in some cases that could see a punter no longer being able to place bets worth thousands of Dollars, but only being able to place bets of a few cents!

When that does happen it is a very clear sign that the sportsbook, betting site or bookmaker no long wants you gaming action, and no matter how loud or how much you complain to the powers that be at any betting site once you have had your betting limits lowered they are never going to reverse their decision!

What quite a number of professional gamblers or those who are on an amazing run of luck will also find happening to their online or mobile or even telephone betting accounts is that they will be closed down!

As such that punter is no longer going to be able to access their account at that betting site or betting company and will then have to look of another site or company at which to place their bets.

There are no laws or regulations that state than any being site or company is obliged to accept bets off anyone legally old enough to gamble at their sites, and as such they are able to limit bet sizes or close accounts off anyone they no long wish to offer their betting services too.

As long as punters are able to withdraw any funds held in such an account then there is no way or organization that they can complain about being restricted to small bet sizes or even being banned from a betting site.

The only option available to someone who does find themselves being banned from a lot of betting sites is to sign up to a betting exchange, for they are then going to be able to place any value of bet whenever they like for such peer to peer betting sites earn their income from taking a small commission off winning customers.

As such they are very eager to have winning customers betting on their betting exchange as that ensures they are going to be earning their commission!