Play FOBT Key Bet Roulette Online

Play FOBT Key Bet Roulette Online


If you are a regular visitor to bookmaker’s shops in the UK, then at some point on one of your visits you will probably have played the FOBT machines, of which there are usually four of them in each shop.

If you have played them you will have seen quite a number of different Roulette games available on them, one being the game of Key Bet Roulette. That game has now been turned into an online game and as such many casino sites now have it on offer in their games menu!

The base game of Key Bet Roulette is the European Roulette variant, however there is an additional ball well in between numbers 5 and number 10 on that wheel, and that is where the yellow coloured Key Bet ball well is located.

You can of course choose to bet on the Key Bet betting position on the betting layout, however instead of you being paid out at the standard 35 to 1 winning payout odds, you are instead going to have the chance of winning one of several different payouts.

Each time the wheel is spun a set of multiplier values around the outer rim of the wheel will spin, those multipliers include two x20 values, one x25 value, two x30 values, one x35 value, two x40 values, one x45 value, two x50 values and an additional space with the word Pot written on it.

The value that is highlighted will be the one on which any bets you have placed on the Key Bet position will be paid out at if it is spun in, if the word Pot is the one spun in then you will the current value of the pot as displayed on the meter.

As such the house edge when you do not place the Key Bet side bet is the same as on the American Roulette game and not the European Roulette game, due to the extra Key Bet ball well. That house edge for reference is 5.26%.

However, if you do place the Key Bet side bet then the house edge of the game becomes a slightly lower and therefore better at some 4.66%. But do keep in mind that if you instead of playing Key Bet Roulette switch over to playing the standard European Roulette the house edge attached and on offer on that game is a much lower and much more appealing 2.70%!

In fact, if you only ever tend to place even money paying bets when you do play Roulette I would advise you to forget about playing any of the above named variants and instead stick to playing the French Roulette variant.

That games offers a house edge to players only placing even money bets of a tiny 1,35%, so that variant is a much better one to play due in no small part to that lower house edge attached to the even money paying positions on the betting layout.