Selecting the Best Bets to Place on a Horse Race

Selecting the Best Bets to Place on a Horse Race


You may have been invited to a horse race meeting by friends or family members, and if so you are going to have to know just what types of bets and wagers you can place at those venues, and sadly there are going to be lots of different bets you could place, so it could take you some time to learn how they all work and how they have been designed!

However, rather than you getting confused when trying to discover just which are going to be the best bets to place, based on your gambling budget and the level of risk you want to have in place on those bets you place, I have decided to give you a quick run through of the most popular horse races bets you can place.

If you want to throw caution to the wind and simply pick one single horse that you will hope wins its race then a simple win bet is the one for you. Keep in mind that you will be able to place a bet of any value on your chosen horse winning its race and more importantly the odds you will be offered can and will vary depending on just which bookmaker you choose to place your bets with!

Picking the winner of a race can be fairly hard to do however, and if you want a much greater chance of at the very least getting something back from any wager you do place on a horse race then instead of placing a win type bet opt to place an each way bet.

When you place an each way bet you are essentially placing two separate bets on the horse you select. The first bet covers that horse winning its race and if it does you will be paid out at the odds you took when placing the bet or at the starting price of that horse if you chosen not to accept the odds offered by a bookmaker.

The second half of your stake placed on an each way type of bet covers the horse finishing in one of the top positions in the race, that could be first or second in a race with only a tiny number of horses running in it, or if could be first, second third, and possibly fourth or fifth position in races that has a lot of runners in them.

You do not get paid out at the full odds however for the place part of an each way bet, instead you are paid out a percentage of the win odds, the percentage however you will be paid out at will be determined by the number of horses running in the race and often the type of horse race too.

There are hundreds of other types of bets you can of course place on any horse race but those mentioned above are the most basic and easiest to understand ones!