Hoping for a Big Win before the New Year?

Hoping for a Big Win before the New Year?


As there may able a good chance you will have a little bit of spare time over the festive period to gamble online, you may be thinking of having one last chance of winning a huge valued jackpot before the end of the year.

If so, then today I have been checking the current progressive jackpot levels on a rage of casino games that are available to online players, and have discovered quite a few games that have jackpots over and above their average payout amounts.

With that in mind, please do read on and if you do fancy playing some potentially huge paying casino game online, on which their respective jackpots are overdue, then the following games may be the very best ones to play!

I should however point out that due to the nature of progressive jackpot awarding casino games the following games could award their respective jackpots at any time, and whilst the following games did have the jackpots on offer mentioned below at the time of compiling this news story, they could have been won after this story went live!

As such and with that in mind do check to see the values of any of the jackpots attached to any of the following games, and if they are higher than the amounts listed below then they will be even more overdue and will not have been won since I wrote this news story.

The very first casino game that does currently at the time of compiling this news report, have an overdue jackpot is the Cyberstud Poker, the current value of its jackpot is an enormous £232,427 which when compared to its average jackpot payout amount of some £157,344 is a jackpot that really is overdue,

If you fancy playing an Egyptian themed slot then one I would certainly advise you to consider playing is the Treasure Nile slot game for its jackpot has grown to a huge £161,690 and the average amount that slot tends to payout to most jackpot winners is £101,276, so do consider adding it to your growing list of progressive games to play sooner rather than later!

The Poker Ride game is another game offering players a very overdue jackpot and its jackpot now stands at a whopping £150,280 and taking into account the average jackpot won on that casino card game is £131,602, you can see or yourself why it is a game worthy of your play time and attention.

One final casino game that has an overdue jackpot is the Triple Sevens progressive Blackjack game, if you do come across a casino site with it on offer then if its jackpot hasn’t been won since I compiled this news story it will be in excess of £111,658.

For reference the average amount won by players playing that game when they win the progressive jackpot is £77,836, so you can see why it is a game you should get stuck into playing!