We tend to have a couple of general rules when it comes to slots. At the end of the day it’s a glorified random number generator with a load of pretty pictures attached to it.

First you need to understand how a slot works. Be it mechanical like a fruit machine, or be it a video slot. They both work on the same basis, which is, if you imagine an olde worlde set of kitchen scales.

The RTP of the machine is the main weight which goes into one of the dishes, the other dish is filled with the ‘cash’ that is in the other. One single play is not going to tip a machine over the edge and make it pay out if it’s recently just given out its full payload. It wouldn’t even be a drop in the ocean. However, if the other dish is full and ready to tip over, all it takes is a single play for it to start giving out the wins.

Now, if you keep that analogy in mind, we recommend that when you’re playing a variety of slots, you break your larger notes in to smaller ones. 20’s should do it. If you bust out, you bust out, at least you still have the rest of your bank roll. Simply move onto another machine.

There is no point in throwing good money after bad, you ideally want to be spreading your bets as this technically gives you a better chance of winning. If you have an inkling though, by all means shove another 20 in, but if it doesn’t play after that, it’s cold, and as such is very unlikely to give you anything worthwhile.

On the other hand if you win, calculate your win to cost ratio. If it seems disproportionately low, carry on, as that could be a good indicator that something better is coming. Usually 10 – 20x your stake or less is low.

If on the other hand you’ve had a win that is 1000x + your wager, that is disproportionately high, and usually a jackpot payout. Play off the odds and ends, you never know, the RTP may have dropped to a point where the game is barely legal, and as such the audit staff will question the legitimacy of the games RTP. Play off your odd credits (say you had 15 credits left and won 1000), play those 15 credits off and collect the nice round sum.

It is then advised you break the winnings up and stash all profit somewhere safe, ideally in a safe! And carry on as you were. This ensures that you can lock in a profit, but also continue playing without being tempted to gamble the rest in one sitting, which is one of the mistakes a lot of gamers make, as well as getting into the mindset that they are invincible, wagering much higher amounts than they normally would and busting out and leaving with nothing to show for their winnings.

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