Alleviate the Boredom on a Long Haul Flight to Vegas

Alleviate the Boredom on a Long Haul Flight to Vegas


There is nothing more boring than being stuck on a long haul flight for 10 or more hours. Actually, there’s nothing worse than being in economy on a long haul flight! From cramped leg room to the inconsiderate muppets who thinks they have every right to encroach on your personal space by spreading out and reclining their chair to the point where you end up with your  knees to your chin.

Then there are the screaming kids. The seat kickers. The toilet people who seem to lose all control of their bodily functions (we once were on a flight and we didn’t even count to 3 before people were practically running to the loo, and this was on a short haul flight!).

You then have the awful food, which half of the time resembles wallpaper paste, the other half it resembles road kill.

The drinks and snacks trolleys cost a small fortune, but when you’re on a long haul flight, all you really want to do is eat and drink. Especially for smokers. However, there are a few things you can do to alleviate the boredom, other than chomping your way through a week’s worth of calories.


Headphones are a must. Nearly every long haul flight today has individual in flight entertainment. Movies, TV Shows, Music, Documentaries, Games. Most require a standard jack headphone, so the ones that came with your phone should work fine.

Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Chargers

These can make long haul flights pass by like they were only a few hours long. Whether you’ve got a complete box set downloaded on your device, or whether you’ve got a open ended video game, or even downloaded one specifically for the flight ( has loads of cheap titles and quite a lot of free titles too). You could spend your time reading a book on your tablet while listening to music on your phone. Quite literally, you can make time fly when your mind is doing something it enjoys.


It is recommended on long haul flights you try to walk a little bit. This will relieve tension physically and mentally, as when you’re confined you can become agitated. It’s also a good idea to stretch once every half hour in your seat.

Make your own food/buy meal deals in the Terminal

If the airport allows you to take in your own food (no liquids), making your favourite sandwiches, salad, sides like pork pies or sausage rolls, and packing your favourite chips and sweet stuff will make you look forward to them once you’re in the air and cruising for the next 10 hours. To avoid paying ridiculous fees on drinks, you can buy your soft drinks in the terminal and drink them on board, but NOT ALCOHOL.

Failing that, buy yourself 3 or 4 Meal Deals from one of the many stores and newsagents in the terminal. Usually, these comprise of a Sandwich, packet of crisps/sweet treat and a soda or water. Some newsagents also give free newspapers with meal deals. You’ll get a strange satisfaction in knowing you’re not paying through the nose either way!


They say everyone has a novel in them. Well, 10 hours is a long time to kill. Why not start now? That’s how JK Rowling got Harry Potter started!

Learn about where you’re headed

You can get all kinds of leaflets, tour information, history booklets and much more for free or relatively cheaply. Why not kill a couple of hours learning about the history, local culture and what they have to offer other than drink and food. Find out what local delicacies you can find, and the hidden gems dotted around.