Major Banking Outage Planned This Weekend!

Major Banking Outage Planned This Weekend!


This Weekend, Barclays and many other banks will be performing maintenance to bring them in to accordance with new banking legislation being brought into effect next year. This legislation is mostly to prevent another banking crisis occurring.

The planned online and mobile maintenance will be taking place at weekends from Late Saturday night until Sunday afternoon. Basically, times where fewer people use the service.

You will still be able to use your cards, and you’ll also be able to use in-branch services, but Mobile Apps, Online Banking and Telephone Banking will be down. Though in emergencies, such as lost cards the call centres will remain operational.

We suggest that to avoid any hassle, you check your bank account as soon as you can do, and log down what is in your account, and keep a log of anything you take out to avoid any embarrassing situations at the till.

Check receipts and make them either over inflated to the nearest £1, or be as accurate as physically possible, even if that means deducting £8.92 off of £239.12. We know it sounds extreme, but this is how we did it years ago before spreadsheets. It’s basic budgeting.

Also, be aware that while the maintenance is underway, payments may be delayed such as Direct Debits and BACS Payments, so don’t get into the trap of thinking you have more than you thought you did, otherwise, you’ll end up with a pretty hefty shock when your accounts overdrawn when the payments have been cleared.

Barclays do tend to try and only do works on their systems at times that are convenient for their customers, but unfortunately, sometimes things don’t always go to plan, so remember that what they say isn’t necessarily set in stone or written in blood.

So try and keep in mind spending, and take the bank on their offers of receipts of transactions. There are hundreds, if not thousands of templates out there for every Office suite, be that Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Linux and Apple, not to mention Open Office.

Have a look around. Some will be very basic single accounts, others will be designed for multiple accounts (remember, Direct Debits will eventually clear, so enter them to give yourself a true figure of what you will have left.

For multiple accounts, don’t use your sort code and account number, as this can make things confusing. Instead, name them as they appear on your online banking:

John Smith Current.

John Smith Savings.

John Smith ISA.

This will help give you a clearer picture and also, as you’ll be using this every month, it’s a good idea to use it daily. It takes around 5 minutes, and you’ll see patterns form. How much you save, how much you spend, Incoming Vs Outgoing money and Interest earned on money in the account.

Some of them will also give you the option of colour coding the expenditure and income and will devise a chart that will show how much you truly spend on each thing, for example Travelling, Leisure, Bills and Food. A very nice feature to just see where everything’s going, especially if you end up with nothing left after 3 weeks!