As soon as you enter any land based casino in places such as Las Vegas, you senses will go into overdrive! Each casino gaming floor will have been designed in such a way that you are going to be drawn into all directions!

There are of course going to be huge jackpot awarding slot machines, keno and video poker machines in very large numbers in all casinos and there will always be plenty of card and table games available to you too.

However, a great deal of time and money has gone into the design of every casino, from the design of the carpet right up to the ceiling in those buildings. You will never see any windows in a casino nor will you find any clocks either!

You may therefore be wondering where you are going to find the better paying games in a casino venue, and whilst you can win big on any game you do decide to play with some luck in playing, some games by their very design have been structured in such a way you will get something of a much increased chance of winning.

Take slot machines for example, each slot you come across will have its own long term expected payout percentage, and as a player you should be looking or the slots which do have the very highest payout percentages, but where are those slot machines going to be located is one question you will no doubt be seeking the answer to!

It is always going to be in the high traffic areas where the betting paying slot machines are located. The thinking behind giving slot machines located in places where there are a lot of people passing by is simple.

As those slots will be paying out more to players, anyone walking passed through games will see them paying out more which will often lead to those people deciding to give them some play time.

It is often the case that the slot machines that have been set with the very lowest payout percentages will be those deep inside a casino gaming floors.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are on the hunt for the bets paying slot machines is that a casino will often increase the payout percentages on any brand new slot machines they have just wheeled out onto their gaming floors.

The reason for doing that is simple, players will always be eager to play a brand new slot machine and will get much more play time from one that has been set with a much higher payout percentage.

However be aware that the casino will often lower the payout percentage back down once a new slot machine has been on the gaming floor for several days or a week or so!

You could always ask your Casino Host or a Slot attendant which slot machines have the highest payout percentages on a casino gaming floor, however not all hosts and attendants will know!

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