It has been another summer of fall outs, scandals and love stories, and as is always the case as soon as Celebrity Big Brother airs in the UK, the British public soon latch onto one celebrity and is eager to see them win.

In fact, that still popular TV reality show does attract a lot of money from a betting point of view, with all bookmakers in Great Britain having their own betting markets available.

The odds of each celebrity are constantly changing, as soon as any others are evicted from the house, or when any of them do something no one expected!

If you have been avidly glued to your television sets watching Celebrity Big Brother this year then you may have already chosen the celebrity you want to win, and if so you may be interested in making your viewing pleasure a tad more exciting by placing a bet on that person!

If so then below we are going to be taking a look at the celebrities still remaining in the Big Brother house and will be giving you an insight into what the win odds on each of them being crowned this year’s winner are.

Be aware that in addition to you picking out who the winner will be there are several additional bets and wagers you can place on the show, such as whether the winner will be male or female of whether any of them will finish in the top three.

Love her or hate her Sarah Harding is currently the celebrity that is attracting the most money at all betting sites, and as such her win odds are quite low at some 15/8.

Having found fame in Eastenders Shaun Williamson did have a lot of fans before he entered the Big Brother house and he is currently the second favourite with odds of winning at 7/2!

Another person who was very well known before she entered the Big Brother House as of course Sandi Bogle she of Google Box fame and if you think she has a chance of winning you can get odds of 9/2 on her doing so.

A few possible winners include Sam Thompson at 7/1, Amelia Lily whose win odds are currently 8/1, Chad Johnson is available at odds of 12/1 and both Paul Danan and Jemma Lucy have odds of 16/1 on them winning.

There are of course three other contestants who may just win, but looking at their current win odds they are all outsiders, and those are Helen Lederer whose odds of winning are 20/1, Derek Acorah who not many people think will win can be had at odds of 50/1 and the current rank outsider who you may or may not fancy is Brandi Glanville and the odds on that person are 66/1!

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