If you enjoy watching football then you probably have already formed an opinion on just which team in the UK Premier League you think is going to be crowned champions this season!

The season has of course only just started, but that has not put off huge number of fans from putting their money where their mouths are and placing all manner of different bets and wagers on their favourite team!

There are of course pros and cons putting your money on which team you think will win the Premier League so early in the season, for history has proven time and time again that it is not always the red hot favourite at this stage of the season that will go onto win.

However, if you do fancy the chances of one of the teams who are currently not expected to win the league at the moment then you can often snap up some overly generous odds.

With that in mind we shall now be giving you an insight into the average win odds on a range of different teams in the Premier League, which may give you some food for thought in regards to which ones you may be interested in having a bet on!

At the top of the betting markets currently are Man City and Manchester United, and if you do fancy placing a bet on either of those two teams then the odds currently available at Man City at odds of  11/8 and Man Utd at odds of 5/2.

Next in the betting we have Chelsea, who as always do have a chance of winning if they can find their form and the odds on them winning the Premier League this season are currently 15/2.

If you fancy the chances of Tottenham then now may be just the time to place a bet on them as the odds currently available are around the 17/2 to mark.

Other teams which some football fans think do have a chance of winning include Arsenal at 12/1 and Liverpool at odds of 18/1, if you are a fan of Everton then you can pick up some very generous odds currently of 66/1 on them winning the Premier League!

All of the other teams in the Premier League currently have some generous odds attached to them, and as such let us take a look now at some of those outsiders and find out just how high their respective odds are.

Leicester is trading at 200/1, Southampton can be bet on at odds of 250/1. Both West Ham          and Newcastle are available at odds of 500/1 and if you fancy and outside punt on West Brom then you will find odds generally available at 750/1!

All of the other teams in the Premier League have odds available at 1000/1 or higher and those teams include Stoke, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Huddersfield, Watford and Brighton.

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