Heat Affecting Airline Schedules in Vegas

Heat Affecting Airline Schedules in Vegas


You may have thought that there are only going to be two types of weather that can affect the schedules on major airlines in a negative way, those being snow and wind. However, over in Las Vegas a few airlines are experiencing severe problems due to the heat too!

It would appear that when the temperatures rises to a certain level, those airlines that have configured their planes to cram in as many passengers as possible are have problems taking off due to the extreme heat.

The current temperature in Las Vegas has been at an all time high, and those record temperatures started last month, and so far that has caused disruption for a few airlines.

One of which is Hainan Airlines, who have now have had to re-schedule their departure times to early in the mornings instead of the afternoon, as their heavier and much fully planes can take off when it is cooler outside but cannot safely do so when it’s very hot!

One airline has had to cancel its entire summer schedule of flights into and out of Las Vegas, that being Norwegian Air Shuttle. Due to the unique way that had configures their Boeing Dreamliner plane they experienced problems last year taking off in the extreme heat and as such chose to cancel all of this year’s summer flights.

Norwegian Air Shuttle will resume their direct flight services from different parts of Europe to Las Vegas later in the year when the temperature is much cooler and their planes can take off!

It is of course the number of passengers that some low cost carriers have configure their planes to accommodate that is causing this problem with those planes taking off in the heat.

For more passengers and their luggage means those planes cannot safely take off when the air outside is hotter due to the weight of the planes, and there is no way in the world a budget airline is going to reconfigure their planes to carry a lower number of passengers.

It is not all doom and gloom though for Las Vegas for it has been reported recently that it is experiencing a very large increase in the number of people who are visiting and that can only be good news for the casino operators and supporting businesses in and around Nevada

If you are planning on visiting Las Vegas soon then it may be worth doubling checking when your flight is due to take off on the return leg of your journey for if you are planning on flying on certain airlines you may experience some delays.