The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree

The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree


So why are authorities not looking into ALL the family of Britain’s terrorists?

This isn’t going to sound very politically correct, or liberal, which is something we usually pride ourselves on. But why are the families (particularly the men) of terrorists in the UK not being investigated?

This is endemic, young, predominantly Muslim men are causing carnage, be that knife attacks, blowing themselves off, or fleeing to Syria to fight for ISIS. Then, they want to come back because it’s not like the holiday camp they envisaged.

It is only this week, that the brother of the Manchester Bomber, who blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert, killing and maiming hundreds of people, was foiled for being part of a cell planning to murder the British Envoy to Libya. Hashem Abedi, although not in the UK, but in Libya, fled his home town and went into hiding in an abandoned farm house.

A well connected, British based source also said there was also a plot to assassinate the Libyan Prime Minister.

Now this may sound like it’s not much of a big deal, at the end of the day, it didn’t happen on British Soil. However, Libya is only a couple of plane journeys away, and quite easily Abedi could have jumped on a plane and wreaked havoc here.

Terrorism is a very real threat, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, which is why there should be a blanket ban on entire families of terrorists entering the UK and the Western World.

This may sound harsh, but to protect the people of the west, drastic action must be taken. The holy war as so many ISIS supporters like to think of it, is only going to get worse, and to make matters worse, our politicians are welcoming them with open arms. Sorry, but this is the West, we don’t want Sharia Law, we don’t want to be forced to pray 5 times a day, and we certainly don’t want to treat our women with such contempt.

The West for the most part is liberal, and that means, even if we don’t like your lifestyle choices, we remain quiet and mind our own business. We don’t throw people off buildings, stone them to death or give people public lashings. That’s barbaric and draconian and belongs in the history books.

I’ve singled out Muslim terrorists, because in the current climate, they are the biggest threat, but I would say the same about the IRA if they suddenly became active again.

The point I’m making is simple, there is a pattern, and it seems that all of these terrorists have families involved in one way of the other, or they are terrorist sympathisers.

We need to wake up, this isn’t a game of Call of Duty. This is a dangerous situation that needs to be brought to a halt by any means necessary. Sod the EU, if they like them so much, they can have them, but the UK doesn’t want them. Life is hard enough in the UK without fearing that next time you’re at a concert or making your way into work, that you are going to be the victim of a suicide bomber.