Everyone’s favourite gravel voiced feminist (who actually doesn’t want to take a chainsaw to men’s testicles), Pink, has just released a track from her new album, Beautiful Trauma.

The song, What About Us, is already set to be an anthem, and was co-written with some of the music industries power houses. The album, set to be released on the 13th October is set to be her latest album with her previous 3 albums being critically well received.

This will also be her first album since 2012.

It’s been quite a hectic few years for Pink, not only is she raising a young family, but she’s also been doing some voice acting and also touring, with the tours being sell outs at every destination.

What About Us was co written with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac, and has a very strange musical feel to it, as all three artists have a very different style of writing, so it’s kind of a hybrid of pop, rock and a little blues.

Fans will be pleased to know that there will no doubt be a world tour planned for the album, and quite possibly special editions of the album released featuring original demos.

Pink has openly admitted that it has been a while since she has released any music, but did hint that she was in the studio. As she refuses to release anything she feels is substandard it wouldn’t surprise us that the album has been complete for 2 years, and she has been simply polishing, tweaking and mastering it to ensure she gives her fans what they want.

Something that a lot of parents appreciate pink for is, that although she’s got a foul mouth at times, she is a good influence on her younger fans, regularly donating to help others less fortunate, and speaking openly about her distaste of girls thinking they have to act like bimbos and that they should be striving to stand on their own two feet. She also spoke openly and bluntly in favour of same sex marriage in the United States. She is an advocate of the RSPCA and has donated money to Autism Speaks.

Her most successful album, Funhouse soared up the charts, and here’s hoping she can achieve the same success with Beautiful Trauma.

The album art looks pretty gutsy, which is usually a show sign with Pinks music that the album will be a good one.

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