The British are becoming a worldwide laughing stock. They have got police in Turkey, Spain and now Corfu cracking down on their loutish behaviour. Drinking too much, brawling in the streets, vomiting, litter, its one thing have a good night out and drinking too much, it’s quite another drinking to the point where you’re causing carnage that the locals have to endure.

Corfu, a once perfect location for a family holiday has in recent years become the go to destination for gaggles of girls on hen do’s and shirtless stags wanting to wasted for as little as possible. The problem here isn’t the cheap drink, or enjoying you, it’s the aftermath that is left in its wake, like a tsunami of sick, a paper trail of litter, discarded fast food and comatose drunks slumped on walls.

It’s no wonder the Brits get a bad name and we do get tarred with the same brush. It is getting to a point where even the nicest of Brits are treated with caution in case they actually turn out to be one of ‘those’ Brits who treat the island like their own personal playground.

Yes, when on holiday, you should enjoy yourself, but you can’t treat the destination like you are. It’s unfair on the locals, unfair on other tourists and unfair on the various staff that have to clean up after you all like you’re a naughty toddler who’s learned they can use their legs.

It’s high time this stopped, what happened to Great British Pride? Where etiquette and social decorum were expected of us, not only at home, but when we’re away too. Instead we have shirtless blokes with beer bellies hanging so low you could roll it around in a wheel barrow. We have girls walking round looking more like they’re about to start a shift in a strip club, not like they’re about to go for lunch.

There is also another thing that these people don’t think about, and that is the amount of money it costs to clean up after them morning, noon and night, day in, day out. The costs to their health service and the emergency services.

There are always going to be costs to your actions, but the idea is that you spend more than you cost, not the other way around. This is how basic economics works, and the emergency services are there not to be used for everything, but for one offs. Why should someone who’s had a heart attack have to wait for a bed because you’re having your stomach pumped?

Think long and hard about what others think of you, and set a good example, this will then make the locals more respectful to you. Most locals at any destination don’t mind tourists. What they do mind is groups of 50 or more people descending on their towns and causing so much mayhem and carnage that they being to resent them. So ditch the ‘Sandra’s Hen Do’ tee’s, ditch the fake boobs, and enjoy your holiday without causing bedlam.

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