Yes, the public have a right to know. But even the Royals are entitled to some privacy.

Prince Harry has blasted the media for their constant stalking of his girlfriend, Meghan Markel. This comes as no great shock really. Since their announcement of their relationship, the young actress has been hounded by the press in what can only be likened to Princess Diana’s situation.

A beautiful young woman with a mind of her own, dating a prince. It’s the stuff of fairytales. However, the media have a kind of bloodlust when it comes to the Royal Family and they will stoop to all kinds of lows to get what they want, sometimes with devastating results. Again, look at Princess Diana.

A year after William and Catherine got married, Closer magazine and a local French newspaper, La Provence got photos of Catherine sunbathing topless, on a private estate, owned by a member of the Princes extended family.

This was scandalous enough already. Invading someone’s private life is already not right. But the image, although clearly Kate Middleton, was so grainy it was obviously taken using a very sophisticated zooming lens, which means whoever took the photos had deliberately waited and stalked them.

Again, Princess Diana.

Harry has also blasted the media for overshadowing his Father and Camilla’s official tour of the Middle East. Something that is far more important than Prince Harry’s latest girlfriend. In fact, it’s no wonder why Harry has gone through so many girlfriends. Although famous, Meghan does deserve her own space and privacy. Just like Diana deserved hers.

Instead, the media are whipping up a storm and invading their privacy, speculating, taking photos of her private time, stalking her, making ridiculous headlines. ‘Meghan goes to restaurant, ALONE’ kind of sensationalist headlines. What the headline should read is ‘Woman goes to restaurant alone and enjoys quiet meal without having kids bombarding her’.

It is time the media went back to basics, back in the 1940’s these ‘expose’s’ were unheard of, and journalists had ethics. If you wanted an interview, you asked, booked and appointment and got everything you needed.

Now it seems to be all about getting the juiciest gossip and the most lewd photos you can.

I’m no royalist, if anything, I can’t abide the system, but everyone has a right to privacy, and everyone has a right to be themselves when enjoying the comforts that life offers.

Let’s try not to forget Diana. Ultimately, it was the media that caused her to crumble. She couldn’t even take her children to the sweet shop without the press following her. Some of them even spat at the princes and princess even though she’d specifically said she wasn’t to be followed.

But, the paps are a breed of their own. Gutter rats. Willing to make a few quid off of others compromising shots.

Take it from me. Back off, and get pictures of real news. Nearly 100 people died a couple of months ago in a fire in London. The last thing I need to see is Kate topless, Meghan buying groceries, William playing with George or Harry having a crafty fag while no one’s looking.

If you want to be a journalist, do it properly, don’t leech off a family that’s suffered so much already at your hands.

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