With a new set of schengen security requirements having come into force recently, many UK citizens travelling abroad to other European countries are facing some huge delays trying to get through security at many European airports.

Whilst those new requirements have been in place for several months, it is now, at the busiest time of the year for all airports that their knock-on effects are being experienced.

As the UK is only one of a small number of European countries that are not part of the schengen zone, which was set up to allow hassle free movement of people throughout Europe, security offices at all airports now have to check each person’s passport to see if they are on a data base of wanted people or pose a security risk.

However, many people are speculating that these new rules have only come into place to punish the EU for their recent Brexit vote and to give all UK travellers to the EU a taste of what it is going to be like when the United Kingdom does finally leave the EU!

Many holidaymakers tied up in those delays are reporting it is taking them hours to get through the security checks, not only when they arrive at another European destination but also when they are leaving those countries too!

As a result of those delays many airlines are warning their passengers leaving the UK or getting back to the UK from Europe to get to the airport much earlier than they usually would do.

In fact, due to the recent drop in the value of GBP when compared to the EUR anyone who is from the UK and is travelling to any part of Europe that does use the Euro is experiencing a huge drop in regards to the spending power of Pound Sterling.

Many people are also making the mistake of withdrawing cash from ATM’s and opting to have that withdrawal in Euros being taken from their bank accounts in GB and as such the already low value of GBP is falling even further!

That is due to the fact that if you request Euros from an overseas ATM and your home bank account is in GBP when you opt to for that transaction to be billed to your account in GBP then you will be changed the exchange rate of the ATM operator and their bank, which is always going to be a much lower rate than your bank would charge you.

So always avoid opting for GBP when you are asked by an ATM how you wish your transaction to be billed and instead opt for EUR as you will get a much better rate from your UK bank than you would ever get from an overseas bank!

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