Another day, another act of terror. This time, in a German nightclub that was holding a student night. The culprit, aged 34 but no description of him (no prizes for guessing the correct nationality and religion), entered the club with a machine gun and opened fire, leaving 3 seriously injured and two dead.

Seriously, how the hell do you get a machine gun smuggled into a club? Also, isn’t it funny how this comes a week after a known potential terrorist went on the rampage in Germany? A failed asylum seeker and known Islamist who was flagged up already on the system, yet granted the freedom of any other law abiding, peaceful citizen.

Sorry, but it is time to round up everyone that is known on the system, and deport them. Exile is seldom used, but it’s time it became more common. The European Court of Human Rights can kiss my backside. Or is it a case of ‘if it’s not on my doorstep, I’m alright, Jack’?

If it was one of their family, or one of their friends caught up in the gunfire, I guarantee they’d be pushing things through faster than the Eurostar.

For the most part, as a race, humans are pretty peaceful. We get along, rub shoulders and simply carry on undisturbed. These bad apples need taking from the crop. You want Sharia Law, fine, go and live where Sharia Law is the law of the land.

You want White Supremacy, go and find yourself a little corner of the world where you can join a cult where everyone wears a hood and you have a weekly ritual.

Both sound stupid really. But, in a democratic world, we aren’t allowed to say what is right or wrong. Only that we disagree. In the case of Sharia, one of the strictest and volatile laws in the world, a woman can be executed for being raped. Not only a victim once, she would be a victim twice because she is no longer ‘pure’.

The KKK will happily kill you if you happen to be gay, or don’t fit in with their ideals.

What seems to be the biggest problem here, is that those of us who want peace and love have fewer rights than the extremists who run down London high streets killing off duty soldiers, or in clubs in Florida who open fire on innocent revellers, or in Manchester Arena, blowing themselves up killing a load of teenagers who had attended an Ariana Grande concert.

Wake up people. The time to act is now, and by act, I mean exile. The UK may no longer be in the EU club, but all of Europe needs to act and get these animals relocated to a place where they are going to much prefer the law of the land.

As for the family and friends of the victims, all I can offer to you is my deepest condolences and my truly heart felt thoughts.

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