So, I unfortunately installed a load of MacAfee stuff and a random piece of software from Intel, call True Key. This was done through the Adobe installer and I had no choice but to either update or not be able to use key elements to some websites.

The problem is however, I have AVG and Windows Defender running separate tasks for my security needs. One does antivirus, the other firewall. Being forced to install and activate MacAfee and True Key caused a huge contradiction in what my OS was reading and doing. It was trying to hold onto my original settings, but MacAfee muscled its way in and knocked a load of my services out.

The most irritating thing was, it was taking my computer over 10 minutes to load (I have 8gb of RAM, it usually sets up in under 2 minutes including the BIOS check and the usual system checks like Boot Order). I could then log in, which took another 10 minutes, and then another 5 minutes for my desktop to show. Then I’d get presented with Windows 98 style graphics. You know, the blocky grey task bar, limited colour scheme and no chance of enabling Aero. Cheers for that Intel/MacAfee.

So, I rebooted in safe mode, and went hell for leather in the Add Remove Programs tool. Literally, everything that I don’t use went. I even got rid of a load of photos and videos I’ve downloaded over the years, music, you name it, it went (I can always download them again). I then downloaded and reinstalled AVG Free, and rebooted.

Once again, I was presented with the lovely non Windows 7 speed or desktop. So, wracking my brain, I looked on Google. Entered my symptoms, and the 3rd hit down was the saver of the day (and my computer as I was about to launch it out of the nearest window).

It is quite common for unwanted programs to be installed as 3rd party, especially with Adobe products (like they don’t get enough revenue from Photoshop), and these programs, although working in theory, on a clean, test computer with nothing more than Office installed on them, in reality, we have that many different brands on our computers, be that Linux, AVID, Microsoft, AVG, Roland, Kontakt, Atari, Maxis, Beamdog. Eventually something has to give. Though 99% of software will happily run alongside others. Conflicting Antivirus/Security programs trying to compete are going to cause confusion to the system.

There is a simple fix though.

All Programs>Command Prompt>Right Click>Run as Administrator>

In the console, simply type ‘netsh winsock reset’  *no quotation marks* and hit enter. Let the portal do it’s work, and restart your computer from the Start Menu as normal. This essentially runs through services it’s meant to do, finds faults and then corrects them. The first boot may be slower than usual, but it’s repairing itselt. After that it’s fine.

However, just remember, this isn’t a fix all solution, it may work, it may not, if you still have conflicting programs on your computer’s hard drive, it will happen again, you are better off finding the conflicts, removing one and then doing the step above.

Also, be very careful what you download, especially third party software.

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