White Collar Jobs No Different to Any Other Job?

White Collar Jobs No Different to Any Other Job?


Banks eating other banks (and ultimately bankrupting themselves and their investors), IT geeks making millions by distributing and reverse engineering their own viruses under the guise of being legit Anti Virus software. Hell, even politicians are bleeding the world dry.

What happened to the good old days where a virus was a little bit of mischief that would say launch a BSOD or would change your Wallpaper? Something that is not damaging, and certainly not intended to destroy companies around the world. It was a one off prank that sat in the computers RAM and once the computer was reset, it was gone.

Now, we have companies installing software we know very little about, if anything as third party promotions, yes, Adobe, we’re pointing to you.

We have banks buying out other banks, but the bank being closed hasn’t disclosed that they had a shed load of bad debts hidden by a good name.

We have politicians spending £30k for a bird house, paid for by the tax payer as expenses.

We even have Supermarkets at it too!

The world needs clarity and transparency to get by. Not cloak and dagger techniques and misrepresentation of what is really going on. Simply call a spade a spade. Don’t hide things in small print, don’t deceive. Tell people in black and white without making it sound pseudo intelligent. If you do this, that will happen.

If you look at the RBS fiasco, RBS technically weren’t to blame, ABN Amro were for cooking the books and hiding just quite how much bad debt that couldn’t be repaid due to so many insolvencies from borrowers. In this instance, the entire thing could have been avoided had ABN told the truth, and RBS had said no. Instead they needed a bail out by the government and then proceeded to award its senior management with 6 or 7 figure bonuses for a ‘job well done’.

Politicians the world over have a habit of dodging difficult questions, from David Cameron beating about the bush, to Tony Blair dancing around the Maypole wearing an ‘I LOVE BUSH’ T-Shirt over the war in Iraq. Politicians do not do blunt yes, no and explanations as answers, it ends up being like a monologue from Shakespeare.

So, as the markets continue to crash and burn, reputations drop and potentially illegal activities are executed by the high and mighty. Wouldn’t it be nice, just for once, to have a world where what you see is what you get? A world where dodgy business men are allowed to get away with anything and where politicians told us the truth?

As consumers, we are all getting sick of it. Being kept in the dark, being mis-sold, blackmailed, exploited, and ripped off. As residents of which ever country we live in, we have a right to know exactly what is going on. Not to be fobbed off with some cock and bull story, fake apologies and then see them all dining A la Carte 20 minutes later.