No matter what we do in life, there will be winners and losers. It just so happens that all the losers seem to vote for the Labour party.

Yes, in an ideal world (and the party does actually have a very good record of humanitarian policies) we could solve world hunger over night and eradicate HIV and Malaria, but these things all take money. Money that no one has.

The coffers are Kaput, NIL POIS, Empty. The NHS is struggling to find cash for a simple operation for my grandmother which 20 years ago, it would have coughed up and spent like it was £1.

The education system is stretched to breaking point, with one teacher and maybe an assistant looking over a class of 30+ children.

Social care is broken, not because no one cares, but there physically are no funds left.

Jeremy Corbyn, though his heart is in the right place, seems to be under the impression that the Bank of England will bank roll him. Sorry Jezza, it doesn’t work like that. Not unless you want to go like Germany did and print more money off and send the country into hyper-inflation. Do you really want the Pound to fall in value to the point where it’s on a par with the Zimbabwean Dollar?

There is a myth about Tory’s being cold hearted and greedy, and this actually isn’t the case. The Conservatives (yes, the hint is in the name, conserve) are money minded. To keep in the black, they have to pull back on spending, and this means alas, that everyone has to tighten their belt.

No party is perfect, but after the Blair fiasco, and the hundreds of millions he squandered, the conservative party was left with no money. Zilch. Zip.

The country was then thrown into turmoil with the austerity measures, which 90% of us didn’t actually feel. We had a short, sharp shock. A small lesson of what could happen if we allowed Labour to run the country again. What is worse? 2 years of clawing back cash, or 20 years of destitution?

Educated, middle class 20-somethings who are now all in uni seem to be voting for Corbyn for the simple fact he’s ‘down with the kids’. He’s politically correct, refuses to offend anyone and his commander in chief is ‘Lady Foot in Mouth Disorder’ Dianne Abbot.

So, my 20-something year old peers who are considering this. Think carefully, do you want a land of wealth for 10 years, and then poverty, or do you want a land of prosperity indefinitely? Only one party can provide either. Think of your children, your nieces, nephews, grand kids. There is only one way to make it in this world, and that is through hard work. Though if Labour get in, they’ll want to tax you nearly all of your income while Scally Karen with her brood of 6 kids by 7 fathers gets fatter and more money without having to lift a finger.

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