You need only sneeze and someone complains that they’ll get cancer because of it. You can’t smoke, drink, gamble, drive a car, eat a takeaway meal. Something or anything you do will cause offence.

In the world of work, bosses are finally speaking out and saying that this generation is too fragile to actually get anywhere above lower management.

In the world of work, you need to be pretty tough. There is a saying about being Firm but Fair, and this is what so many of our latest graduates lack. They seem to think you have to be Miranda Priestly, and be ruthless, or they have to be Mary Poppins and be a knock over.

To succeed in work, you have to be Firm, but approachable. Unafraid of confrontation, but not a dictator. Essentially, you have to be in work as you are in your day to day life without fear of reprocutions because you scolded someone for doing a poor job. If you work in a kitchen washing up, and you sent out a load of plates dirty, it’s not discrimination, YOU sent the dishes out dirty. If you work in a factory and pack the right thing into the wrong box, that is YOUR fault.

Enough of the sex discrimination, sexual orientation, racial, vegan (yes, it has happened before!), no gender conforming discrimination cases. If YOU do the job wrong, YOU are responsible regardless of gender, colour, who you’re married to, mental condition, rich, poor or anything else you can think of.

Yes, we all have bad days, and we are entitled to them. We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we all have traumatic breakups, we all have sleepless nights because ‘mad grandma’ thought it would be a good idea to move a wardrobe, fall down the stairs and break her hip.

These one offs are excusable. It’s life. However, consistently doing a poor job is not good enough, and really Uni’s should be teaching you more about the way of work, not making you read Age Old Texts from Aristotle and encouraging you to go on marches against inequality for one legged lesbian donkeys.

We seem to have a new generation of hippies, though this new generation are not all about peace and love, but organizing their next p**s up via Snapchat for the next demonstration that they don’t actually care about.

In the world of work, you need to be firm, strong, integral. No one likes working, if it was up to us, we’d all live the life of Riley and have waiting staff. But, we don’t live at Downton Abbey, we also don’t have millions in the bank.

So get your stiff upper lip in place, get used to the fact someone is going to be above you, and do the job your employed to do properly.

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