Lilly, you’re a Musician, Not a Politician!

Lilly, you’re a Musician, Not a Politician!


Lilly Alen, once again is crying. She seems to spend most of her time doing that these days, moping round like a teenager, protesting about every injustice in the world like a yuppy, and using big words she doesn’t understand because she wants to sound articulate like a uni student.

It’s really not a pleasant thing to see, or hear for that matter.

Lilly is a talented musician and although I personally don’t like her material or her vocals, I can appreciate that she is talented, and that she has many fans. That’s just personal preference, some of us like Pop, some of us like Rock.

What I truly can’t abide though is how Lilly has suddenly got a PhD in Political Science and Ethics despite not attending uni to study it. She’s everywhere bleating on about her latest cause (none of which involve helping the people of the UK).

Charity starts at home Lilly, and if you want to make the world a better place, by all means do it, but you need to start at home, and then work your way out, not the other way around. Also, Lilly, I would like to ask you, how many migrants and refugees did you open your home to? How much did you donate to the victims of the Manchester Bombing? Why were you not approached for the charity single for the victims of the horrific fire that engulfed Grenfell Tower?

It’s all well and good being a voice, and it’s all well and good telling the world about your ideals and how you’d like to see the world, and I do quite frankly agree with a lot of what you say. But actions speak louder than words, and although words can spark the fuse of change, all you seem to have given us is a bag of hot air and not much else.

If you want to make the world more in line with your ideals, only you can start the chain of events, and only you can shape things. So, open your house to migrants (you’ll soon get sick of them), donate to charities close to your heart (but don’t be a martyr), actively get involved with projects (actions speak louder than words).

Stop trying to be a politician/humanitarian/journalist/activist. You have a talent, and that is you are musically gifted. Use that to change the world. Granted, your money does make things a little bit easier for you to make a difference, but if you want to change the world, use your second language, that universally known language that actually has no language at all (except maybe a bit of English, Latin and Italian). Music.

Those dotted Minims, Triplets of Crotchets and underscores of Strings in B flat major are more than sufficient to get the chain going. Stick to what you know. Music can be very political (John Lennon – Working Class Hero), and make a massive impact on people.

So, dry your eyes, get into the studio and do what you do best. Leave the politics to Theresa May and Co and release the poignant music you obviously are itching to write and start changing the world with your talents.

P.S Donations to the charities you proclaim to support are received with great gratitude and it wouldn’t hurt your public image either.