Will the UK Experience a Summer of Violence and Riots?

Will the UK Experience a Summer of Violence and Riots?


The UK has been having something of a very hard time recently, for with numerous terrorist attacks and the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower just the other day, there is something of a climate of hate, bitterness and resentment spreading though the country.

The weather has fortunately taken a turn for the better in Great Britain recently, and one thing that does often happen when the temperature starts to rise is that there is often a lot of civil unrest.

Britain has also just started their final Brexit negotiations with the EU, and that is also leading to a lot of heated discussions, and one has to ask whether the UK is going to see an increase in civil unrest and possibly riots during the summer months, as that is something that has happened before in years gone by.

People in places such as London, which is a very multi-cultural place, have started to see an increase in hate crime being perpetrated on people from all walks of life, and that is something that was very obvious in the attack on Finsbury Park Mosque, in which a lunatic drove a hire van into a crowd of worshippers who had just attend evening prayers at that venue.

Even TV presenters are beginning to express their own personal disgust at the way the Government have been handling recent events, and Piers Morgan gave a Government Minister a grilling on live TV telling him his Government needed to act and act fast to stop any further atrocities and also help those affects by all those that had recently happened too.

The general public in the UK are growing very restless and tired of constantly being lectured to in regards to how they should all stick together and fight the extremists, however what on earth can someone at home do, when they may be fearful of simply popping to the shops.

Whilst some very right wing organisations are possibly already planning some form of protests this summer in the UK, those often result in violence and civil unrest, and that is something we think the UK authorities need to be aware of, for you can only push people so far before they snap, especially if the heat is unbearable!

We shall be watching the UK very closely over the next few weeks and months for there is no doubt in anybody’s mind things are beginning to reach boiling point there for a lot of people, and if something is not done about it sooner rather than later there could be some violent and unnecessary side effects such as riots and violent protests too.