EDL Protest Turns Violent. AGAIN

EDL Protest Turns Violent. AGAIN


The EDL staged a protest in Manchester in the UK, just 2 weeks after the bombing of the Manchester Arena. Led by former leader Tommy Robinson, the rally was meant to be a silent rally, though shortly after it began, it descended into a vitriolic farce, with some demonstrators even carrying a pig’s head and taking chunks out of it with their bare teeth.

One thing that we have found judging from images from the shambolic and meaningless ‘protest’ is that the EDL don’t seem to be able to do anything without a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and that most of them look to have Alcohol Foetal Syndrome, are missing at least a couple of teeth and have tacky full neck tattoos.

Most of them donning either tracksuits or designer clothing which the average person couldn’t afford, let alone would want to risk getting blood on. The protest came to a head when anti fascist demonstrators help counter protests. Police were called in with several arrests being made.

The EDL has long been a scourge of the City of Manchester, generally made up of young, white males from backgrounds where neither parent works, these men also tend to be NEETS (Not in Employment or Education).

The most common attribute with the EDL’s membership, is that they will do things to get a rise out of others, with the Pigs head being quite tame in comparison to some of their other stunts.

The EDL, although it denies such things, is not much different to the Nazi party, and their ideals are much in line with the party. Unless you’re a heterosexual, white English person, you are beneath them, and should be punished for being so.

Unfortunately for Tommy Robinson, who set up the movement as a peaceful anti extremism, anti religious pushing and anti terrorist movement, it has been latched onto by the underclass and hijacked to essentially be nothing more than a racist, alcohol fuelled hate party. A party that turns on its own members, a party that has no real leader. Essentially, it’s a load of blokes on a pub crawl. An anonymous former member of the LGBT arm has described how the party turned on him and how he was left with ‘blood pouring out of 2 deep cuts’.

This isn’t a party of tolerance, or of sound political standing, but a party the wallows in hate and disdain for anything that doesn’t fit in with its Arian ethos of no gays, no blacks, no Asians and no Muslims.

Actually, to get into the club, you practically have to renounce your religion, renounce your sexuality, leave your job, claim benefits, get a load of tattoos and be as insulting to others as is humanly possible.

After the EDL clashes in Liverpool and in Manchester, it’s hard to believe the movement actually still has members, but if you look at the photos, you’ll see they all have one thing in common, they all look malnourished and they could all do with a bath.