Is Visiting the UK Still Safe?

Is Visiting the UK Still Safe?


It’s been a tough few weeks for the UK, with the recent spate of terrorist attacks and the imminent danger of these terrorists. However, with the country on high alert, police have been drafted in to complete monitor the country. The army are also on the alert in case they’re needed on the ground and generally everyone is more alert to suspicious behaviour.

However, what is more remarkable, is the way the country has pulled together, offering lifts home, beds for the night, somewhere safe where they can wait it out. The British people have pulled their socks up, and literally, kept calm and carried on.

The UK has a spirit that is not easily broken, a resilience that no other country in the world can match. We can have our bodies broken, but our spirit can’t be broken.

Our spirit sees us being called aloof at times, but in times of hardship we pull together and make do and mend.

The people of Britain may not all be the country gentleman, or the lord of the manor, but our home is our caslte, and we’ll do all we can to defend it, maintain it, repair it and expand it. We live in a society that has been benefited greatly by other cultures, from hard workers from Europe, to Cuisine from India, Skilled professionals from Australia to medical specialists from America.

Our country has vastly benefitted from the fact immigration has seen us grow not only more tolerant, but as a nation that doesn’t look upon colour of skin, or religion, or gender or sexuality. We see people, and we see virtues and flaws. We see the Pakistani down the street, and we see that he’s a terrible cook, but he’s a wonderfully talented accountant. We see the gay couple that shop every Tuesday at 3pm, and see that they both work hard, but they have terrible tastes in music!

We see our teachers who are so highly skilled, but are socially awkward at times.

You see, we don’t see physically attributes, as they don’t actually matter, they are aesthetic at best. We see people’s actions, and we see people’s minds.

So, is visiting the UK safe? Yes, because as a nation, we welcome everyone, and as long as you play by our rules, you’ll be allowed to visit the UK without Hindrance, fear of persecution or malice.

The military presence and the police presence shouldn’t intimidate you, for they are there to protect you and to serve you. The people of the UK will protect you and defend you should you ever be in need. The politicians will bore you with endless scripted speeches!

Her Majesty the Queen will serve you as long as you abide by the rules of the land, and respect our culture. Do these simple things, and you will find the UK one of the safest countries in the world with some of the most hospitable people, just don’t mention Football!