UK Political Race is Heating Up

UK Political Race is Heating Up


The UK political race has taken some very interesting turns. Starting with Theresa May calling a shock election, to Jeremy Corbyn actually gaining favour. It’s been an interesting couple of months for the UK.

The most interesting thing however, is that the smaller parties are gaining favour, with LIB/LAB/CON all losing votes, parties like the Greens are gaining extra favour. This could be simply due to the public no longer having trust in their usual parties of choice, or simply down to the gaffes we have seen on TV. Yes, Dianne Abbot, we’re talking about your lack of maths and economics.

We have also seen the Prime Minister back out of appearances, which is a little on the odd side, but we also know that due to her health (diabetes), these could quite simply be her needing to consult her doctors. If Freddy Mercury were PM, would you expect him to forgo his medical care to sling mud at other people on TV?

The thing that is most surprising, and devastating about this election is, no matter who we choose, we won’t win.

Labour wants to bring in a load more migrants, who will then claim benefits, as we have no jobs, while Conservatives want to send a load of migrants back, who will leave jobs unfilled that people simply don’t want to do. The Greens want to impose a vegan only, strictly organic diet, and the SNP want to take over the world.

Either way we choose we can’t win, but that is the thing with politics. You can’t please everyone. Not everyone was happy with Trump, not everyone was happy with Blair, not everyone was happy with Thatcher. But, we, the British people have a choice, and we have a lot of choices, we have an all you can eat buffet, but once you’ve made your choice, you can only have that one dish for the next 5 years.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, be you Red, Blue, Green or Pink, use your vote, and use it wisely.

Think out of the box, think of your neighbours, think of your friend’s kids, think of that annoying couple over the road that play 90’s pop music at all hours. Think how if your party of choice being elected will affect them.

Weigh everything up, especially when it comes to essentials, such as health and education. Will the twins living on a council estate be able to become your doctors and succeed in life? Will the elderly gentleman down the road be able to afford his weekly shopping without relying on a food bank every so often? Will the local thug who thinks he’s all that finally calm down and go on to be a fantastic therapist if he’s given the lifeline he needs?

All we say, and this is neither pro nor negative propaganda, read the manifestos, compare them, find what suits you and your community best, and cast your vote.

A non vote is a wasted vote.