Paedophile Teacher or Just another Victim of the Law of Double Standards?

Paedophile Teacher or Just another Victim of the Law of Double Standards?


The young woman whom Jeremy Forrest ‘abducted’ and fled to France with has spoken out. And far from playing herself out as the victim, she tells a story that could be a work right out of Romeo and Juliet.

A pair of star cross’d lovers, who’s misadventures, piteous overthrows, were their own undoing.

They had everything planned, down to her even having an emergency overnight bag.

He was wrong, and what he was doing was illegal as at the time she was 15 (the UK age of consent is 16), but for teachers, the age of consent is 18. This essentially means, that a teacher is unable to have any form of relationship with their pupils, even if said teacher is best friends with the mother of their pupil.

The only exception to the rule seems to be if the teacher is a direct relative of the pupil, or married into the family. The rules and stipulations are complicated, but it is clear you can’t basically be in a relationship with a pupil.

The girl, who we can’t name however has admitted that she was ‘infatuated’ with Jeremy. They liked the same bands, he had a tattoo, they liked the same movies. If anything, they were probably more in tune with each other than Jeremy was with his first wife.

She tells the story with age beyond her years, a maturity you’d expect from someone twice her age. Not faux teenage maturity, but actual maturity, even stating having ‘intelligent conversations’ with him.

At 15, going on 16, she was rapidly approaching the start of womanhood. Her curious mind soaking in anything and everything she saw, heard, tasted and felt. Trying new foods, learning new dynamics in human nature. At that age, you are bound to do things, and some of us are wise beyond our years.

Some of us are actually wiser than our parents!

Which leads me to believe that, although what he did was stupid, and he squandered his career due to infatuation, he only ever kissed the girl when she was 15, and only had sex with her after her 16th birthday. Basically meaning, he broke no law (were he civilian). But in his profession, the legal age of consent is 18.

This puts young teachers in a really hard position, because a newly qualified teacher can be as young as 20, but are in a relationship with a 17 year old who is the sibling of their best friend who was in the same year in university. Does their relationship become null and void? Should they stop having sex? Should they stop seeing each other until the younger turns 18? What absolute tosh!

The girl in question knew exactly what she was doing. She even used her own passport, smuggling it out of the kitchen drawer. She had her bag packed, ready and waiting for the time to come when they would have to try to elope.

Her mind is bright, and her views plain and simple. She was a woman, not some silly teenage girl. She accepted everything.

He was stupid, but, this wasn’t a case of paedophilia, she was of legal age. She just happened to be his pupil.