Shocking Video of ‘Decapitated’ Donald Trump Sparks Fury

Shocking Video of ‘Decapitated’ Donald Trump Sparks Fury


It’s common knowledge, that none of us are particularly fond of politicians. We poke fun at them in passing conversation, there are series such as ‘Spitting Image’ that take fun out of them, even Little Britain makes a farce of the political situation.

However, a ‘comedienne’, Kathy Griffin was sacked by CNN for her preposterously insensitive ‘joke’, in which she is seen holding up the decapitated head of Donald Trump.

Had this been an episode of Game of Thrones, we wouldn’t have been at all surprised, firstly, they have used heads of several famous people for the props (you don’t get a single episode without a good mutilation), including George W Bush, but this hits an all time low.

The photo shoot shows Kathy Griffin, in a typical 50’s housewife type pose holding the severed head of Donald Trump like one of the merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail. A typical suburban housewife who has been hard done by, by her husband.

Donald’s Twitter account posted that his 11 year old son Barron was deeply traumatized over it, and thought it was real, which is not an unfair reaction, while Melania questioned the presenters mental health.

The whole ordeal has been widely publicised, with many taking to Twitter to voice their outrage, including gay, anti Trump presenter Anderson Cooper, who called the shoot ‘completely disgusting’ and that he was ‘appalled’

These words from Anderson Cooper, who is possibly the hardest person to offend, let alone make mad will make the wounds for Kathy even deeper, for she was due to co host NYE on CNN with him later this year.

Although Donald did take it in his stride, he still was clearly upset, not so much for the decapitating bit, if he was offered a cameo in Game of Thrones, he’d have the entire family in it! But the fact it disturbed his wife and children.

There is a line in comedy, and the general rule of thumb is if it’s going to upset family members, don’t do it. At the end of the day, Donald is someone’s son, someone’s husband, someone’s father, and although Barron is 11 (and more than likely has seen all the classic old horror movies), for something like this, which depicts the murder of the POTUS (especially in the current climate), is not only disrespectful, but highly damaging.

When we watch Game of Thrones, A Nightmare on Elm St, Halloween, Scream, IT or any other horror film you can think of, we know it’s simply a film, a type of sick pantomime so to speak, and we know that the random woman who’s running through the front lawn in only her bra while being pursued by someone in a mask isn’t actually going to be killed.

Depicting holding someone’s head in a photo shoot is obscene. Especially as it was so lifelike.

A lot of people don’t like Donald Trump, he’s bombastic and overly pompous, but this shoot was an unfair blow, and it’s actually hit him more where it hurts, the family that he’s trying so hard to protect.