The patience of many world leaders is being sorely tried at the minute with the ongoing sabre rattling from the North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un. However whilst many people are currently speculating that it will only be a matter of time before one nation, and probably the US does launch an attack, others are suggesting that cash could be the answer.

One thing that North Korea is short of is money, and with many of the population of that country struggling financially and in a way not many other people experience, it is being suggested that cash is going to be the answer to this problem instead of launching a pre-emptive missile strike on the country.

By buying off North Korean Generals with cold hard cash this is thought to be one way of bringing them round to their senses collectively, and that could in fact lead to some type of military coup which could see Kim Jong-UN being displaced as leader.

In fact, should such a financial option be put into place, many people are suggesting that the best course of action would be to give Kim Jong-Un immunity from any prosecution and allow him to live somewhere, although people are not sure where, with that immunity.

Many figures have been put forward in regards to just how much it would cost, with some spectators stating that $175 billion would cover those “expenses”!

With not only the financial but also the humanitarian costs of launching any type of military attack on North Korea being possibly just as expensive it is a certainly an option worth considering to bring stability and peace to the area.

However, what will need to be looked into is just who is going to pay that money, for there would be uproar in the US for example if Donald Trump was to stand up and say that he was going to pay off the north Korean leader and his Generals, and that is likely to be a situation that never happens anyway.

There does however need to be something done sooner rather than later to bring North Korea in line, for with such a leader as the one they have now who is convinced the entire world hates him and his people and the way he runs his country if action is not taken soon then he is likely to do something that forces the hand of other countries.

With Jong-Un continuing to test his misses and his mad obsession with making North Korea a full Nuclear state, if he is able to achieve his ambitions then the entire area surrounding his country and much wider afield too are at risk of a disaster. Whilst paying him off may seem completely ridiculous to most people, it may be an option worth considering.

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