We know many casino game players are very eager to play the live casino games available at many casino sites, for those games are designed to use real life Dealers to deal out the playing cards and games such as live Roulette do of course have real life Croupiers who send the ball spinning.

Those games do tend to give players a much greater feeling for fair play when playing card and table games for thanks to high definition live video streams beamed over the web to their computers they are never being left at the mercy of random number generators which determine the outcome of each game played in software driven casino sites.

As players can not only see each game unfolding before their very eyes when playing live casino games, thanks to built in chat software they are able to interact with those Dealers and Croupiers and also other players playing each game too, they find them much more social games than the usual software driven casino games.

However, up until only recently players wishing to play such games were only able to when using can online gaming platform, and as such needed to be sat in front of their computers or laptops to play them.

That has just changed however thanks to the launch of a range of brand new mobile live casino games that have just been launched by one of the leading casino game designers that being a company called NetEnt.

As such if you are one of the growing number of players who does love the thrill and excitement and probably much more importantly the feeling of fair play live casino games do have on offer then you can now play them via one single casino app no matter where you are or when you want to play them.

The one thing that you will find you can only do when playing live casino games either via a mobile or online gaming platform is play them for real money, as due to the nature of the games and often due to the fact that each live gaming table can only have a certain amount of players at around them and playing those types of casino games are not available as free play games.

However, you will be able to play them for a range of low to high table stake limits and as such you will always be able to set the stakes levels to one that you can comfortably afford to play.

One final thing worth knowing that is the live casino venues are all fully licensed and regulated and as such the Dealers and Croupiers are all fully trained and the venues they are being filmed from are all legally licensed and operate to the very highest of industry standards too.

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