Whilst for many business and companies affected by the cyber attack that rendered computers all over the world useless on Friday, there were some very serious side effects of that prolonged attack that being in the UK many people had their long awaited operations cancelled by the National Health Service.

We have just heard from one heart patient who at the last minute had his long awaited and potentially lifesaving operation cancelled just as he was about to go into the operating theatre.

That man was Patrick Ward as 47 year old British man who had been looking forward to his heart operation, although with some trepidation at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in Central London. He was due to have open heart surgery which he had been waiting 10 months for, and was scheduled to have a septal myectomy.

That operation sees surgeons removing part of the septum which is tissue that separates part of the heart which in his case was blocking the flow of blood and causing him problems.

The pre-op part of the operation had already been performed which saw him having his chest and arms shaved all ready for surgery and he also had a cannula inserted into the back of his hand. However, within minutes of him about to be wheeled into the operating room he was told by his surgeon that his operation would have to be cancelled due to the cyber attack.

The reason why his operation could not go ahead was that if the surgeon had experienced any problems during the operation and he needed blood due to the medical staff being unable to access files on their database they wouldn’t be able to do so due to their computers being blocked and locked by the Ransomware.

Someone else who was affected by the cyber attack on the National Health Service in the UK was a small boy, called Sebastian Simpson, who has been taken to Whipps Cross University Hospital in Leytonstone, East London for an x-ray due to him breaking his toe which has been attended to on a previous visit however medical staff needed that x-ray to double check his toe was healing properly.

Whilst his sorry saga at having to return home without attending his appointment and getting his toe checked out was perhaps not a serious as having your heart surgery operation cancelled it does show the level at which this cyber attack did have an effect on many British patients.

Many other people across the UK were taking to Social Media last night to report that they too had out patients appointments cancelled at the very last minute or had a range of medical procedures and operations cancelled too.

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